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  • A Pesquisa de Remuneração para Altos Executivos, abrange um grupo seleto de empresas líderes no mercado brasileiro com o objetivo de fornecer uma base completa de dados de remuneração para apoiar a tomada de decisões em relação a a remuneração dos altos executivos.

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    • Overview



    • Scope – The survey covers over 40 executive positions and provides results by position and by IPE.
    • Accurate – Our market sample is carefully selected and monitored to make sure we are comparing companies with similar characteristics and operations, and with a few executive levels (multinationals and local companies). A special catalogue is designed for executive jobs and is discussed in face to face meetings, guaranteeing the information is relevant for the target.
    • Expertise – Mercer’s consultants, experts in executive compensation matters, work with your organization to collect the data and propose the best way to analyze it, according to your specific needs.
    • Knowledge – The sample is defined by carefully selecting companies that are a market reference and have comparable structures, both national and multinational companies. The catalog of positions was developed especially for executives ensuring it contains relevant information for companies operating in the markets.
    • A special catalogue designed specifically for the executive job structures.
    • A selected participating list, with an entry requirement based on sales ($). Sales ranking ad-hoc per country.
    • Panel selected from companies with minimum sales criteria, which varies for each country.
    • Relevant and enough information per job title is guaranteed.
    • Key components of top executives’ compensation, such as short and long term incentives, are provided using Mercer methodology.
    • Qualitative report on top executives’ performance bonus practices, long term incentives and benefits.

    Methodology and Analysis


    The survey covers over 40 executive positions in six countries, and presents information by organizations’ size, type, among others. To view the participation criteria, please click here.

    Results Structure
    • Results are delivered via Mercer WIN®, interactive tool that allows access to the survey results
    • Quantitative results report by job type and IPE
    • Qualitative practices report, which includes:
      • Design factors for the short and long term variable compensation
      • Qualitative information on benefits

    ArgentinaMaría Florencia Ló
    BrasilDiego Machado
    Chile Denisse
    ColombiaLuis Fernando Londoño
    MéxicoChristian Pereira
    Luis Saldaña

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    • Short DescriptionThe research executive at Mercer is a study that provides information to a select group of leading companies.
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