Real-Time RentCheck

Data to tackle your international assignees’ housing expenses

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Housing market fluctuations can make it hard for HR professionals to map out their mobile workforce budgets. With back-and-forth housing prices, you need the most up-to-date market data to help you hone in and tackle this expense for your international assignees.

Use Mercer’s Real-Time RentCheck® to spend less time validating data, checking property availability, and negotiating with assignees. Tailor the location, cost category, property type, and number of bedrooms based on your assignees’ needs. Get a snapshot of easy-to-understand current market conditions and availability. This assessment includes valuable on-demand housing information for a given location within 48 hours* of your request, such as:

  • Currently available properties, including street name and number, neighborhood, monthly rental amount, and property size.
  • Availability rating, which indicates how readily available properties are in your selected area (low to high).
  • Price trend, reflecting local market pricing activity (up, down, or stable).
  • Other pertinent information, such as additional fees and specific host country information.
Do you have the data necessary to tackle your international assignees housing expenses?

*Available in major locations; longer time may be necessary for multiple requests in different locations or non-Mercer priced neighborhoods.

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  • Sub TitleData to tackle your international assignees’ housing expenses
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  • Short DescriptionData to tackle your international assignees’ housing expenses
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