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Determining the ins and outs of your expatriate taxes can be tricky and time-consuming. Whether it’s researching or gathering documents, there are a number of unique forms that you may be required to file. Ineffectively managing this important part of your mobility program could prove costly in the long run.

Easily determine your expats tax obligations with the Personal Income Tax Solution. With a calculator and full reports on personal income tax, use this powerful tool to measure the real value of your employee's compensation and taxes. Take the guess work and hassle out of this key component of your mobility program, with comprehensive data across 140+ locations around the world including regions and states, on a global entitlement or location-specific basis.

Do you have the proper tools to easily determine your expats taxes?
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Mercer Personal Income Tax Solution

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Personal Income Tax Calculator

Use the calculator to determine gross-to-net and net-to-gross compensation to show how much of the salary will be left over after taxes. Customize the calculation with multiple analysis options to include or exclude social security contributions and family allowances, as well as set various currencies.

All statutory information is loaded, and you can include statistically modeled assumptions for deductions, credits, and exemptions, as well as additional assumptions for statutory requirements.

Personal Tax Reports

Use these reports for simple-to-read guides on tax requirements and social changes. Understand the local tax system and the implications for both local executives and expats. With samples for various salaries, family sizes, and other situations, get the answers you need to handle your expat taxes more effectively.

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  • Short DescriptionDo you have the proper tools to easily determine your expats taxes?