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As the world continues to rapidly change, we find that new roles are emerging and traditional roles are evolving. Not only are there changes to how jobs are structured but there is a growing desire for flexible work arrangements. Having a consistent methodology for evaluating jobs, anywhere in the world, is no longer a “nice to have”.

Mercer IPE (International Position Evaluation) gives you an organizing framework based on job value within the organization and the wider commercial environment. This methodology, based on a series of business-related factors and dimensions that represent core job attributes, allows you to rapidly blueprint new and evolving roles in ways that manage risks, reduce costs, and facilitate employee movement.

Mercer IPE evaluation factors:

  • Impact – the nature of a job’s influence on the organization and the breadth and depth of the job’s contribution
  • Communication – the type of communication skills required by the job, the purpose of communication, and the audience with which the job communicates
  • Innovation – the level of problem solving and design/development that the job requires and the nature of the problems the job typically encounters
  • Knowledge – the nature of technical (and/or organizational) skills and knowledge required by a job, people management requirements, and geographic context
  • Risk – the nature of mental and physical risk associated with the job and the conditions in which the job operates

Are you ready to bring structure to an evolving world?

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Product Details

Mercer IPE helps your organization develop a defined job architecture and internal job hierarchy that can be the basis for a broad range of talent applications including:

  • Global leveling
  • Organization design
  • Rewards
  • Pay equity
  • Talent development
  • Career planning
  • Mobility
  • Workforce planning and analytics

Plus, Mercer IPE is tied to market pay data in over 250 Mercer compensation surveys, providing you a link between internal and external job value.

A Mercer IPE license gives your organization full use of the methodology and the online tool, WIN | eIPE. This online tool facilitates all IPE related activities – organization sizing, job evaluation, and outcomes such as reporting and tracking. The tool comes pre-loaded with Mercer standard reference evaluations and provides dedicated space to capture job information and attach relevant documents. With the WIN | eIPE tool, Mercer provides:

  • 24-hour, secured access to evaluations from anywhere
  • Automated evaluation approval process
  • Multi-lingual support documentation
  • Local consulting support
  • Complimentary help desk support
  • New software releases driven by user feedback

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Pricing Options

Annual license fees are based on the number of full-time employees (FTEs) within your organization and includes both the methodology and access to WIN | eIPE, the online tool. Want to learn more about how Mercer IPE can help support your organization?

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Already a licensed IPE organization? If you or your team need extra help understanding the IPE process, check out the Mercer Learning IPE training modules now available. These learning modules are designed to accelerate your understanding of job evaluations, the IPE process and impact factors including communication, innovation, knowledge and risk.

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  • Short DescriptionA consistent methodology for evaluating jobs is a must. Mercer IPE helps your organization develop a defined job architecture and internal job hierarchy that is the basis for many talent applications.

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