Local Plus and Location-specific Surveys

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Location-specific Analysis of Local Plus Policies and Practices

Mercer's Local Plus and Location-specific Survey covers global and/or regional Local Plus policies and practices for permanent/one-way transfers, locally or internationally hired foreigners, localized expatriates, or international assignments of a limited, but pre-determined duration, as well as policy/practice for all types of foreign employees in seven selected locations, whether on a Local, Local Plus, or expatriate package.

Take our Local Plus and Location-specific Survey and get access to powerful data and resources to help improve your assignment policies and practices, plus deeply discounted pricing on the complete reports.

Topics Covered

Local Plus Survey Location-specific Questionnaires
  • Trends and policy
  • Compensation approach / Salary review process
  • Assignment Incentive
  • COLA, purchasing power adjustment
  • Tax assistance
  • Housing and Utilities
  • Children Education
  • Spouse support
  • Hardship
  • Home leave
  • Local transportation
  • Cross-cultural training
  • Travel to host location
  • Home finding trip
  • Shipment of household goods
  • Language training
  • Appliances allowance
  • Benefits (Health, Pension, Death and Disability, Savings)
  • …and more!
  • Trends and management
  • Compensation approach
  • COLA/Goods & Services
  • Tax and social security
  • Mobility and Hardship
  • Housing and Utilities
  • Children Education
  • Spouse support
  • Transportation
  • Home leave
  • All-inclusive allowance
  • Medical benefit
  • Pension plan
  • Death and disability
  • Immigration assistance
  • Language training
  • Relocation assistance
  • Localization
  • Transfer/Repatriation/Resignation

What Reports Are Available?

These surveys gathered data on global Local Plus policies and practices and location-specific policies and practices in several locations:

  • Local Plus Report, a global overview
  • Hong Kong Location-specific Report
  • Malaysia Location-specific Report
  • Singapore Location-specific Report
  • United Arab Emirates Location-specific Report
  • United States Location-specific Report

How Can You Still Participate?

The surveys are evergreen. Complete the Local Plus and Location-specific Survey for the host locations applicable to your company. You may work on the survey in stages over time, or share your login credentials with a colleague to complete the survey faster together. You will then be eligible for participant pricing on each module you complete.

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