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For any business leader involved in strategic workforce planning, site selection or talent planning activities Mercer’s Digital talent reports offer a great jump start as you seek to gain external market data to inform your location decisions.

When designing a growth strategy in a new location such as a change in corporate headquarters, the opening of a factory / R&D centre / shared service centre or the expansion of a sales office, time and time again business leaders make their decision in the absence of talent intelligence relating to the geographic location of interest.

Talent intelligence is the name given to the use of validated internal and external labour market analysis as it relates to the skills required to deliver corporate growth over the next 3- 5 years.

From over 180 site selection and talent intelligence projects Mercer’s workforce analytics team have helped companies across all sectors increase the effectiveness of their site selection and talent planning decisions through using our priority data sources to validate what is already available through the web. In light of these projects and through insight from over 500 companies across the globe, we have now compiled a range of reports that brings this insight directly to you addressing topics such as:

  • The talent landscape of the region you are about to expand into
  • Level of competition in your region for critical digital talent
  • Company sentiments about the talent landscape for key digital roles
  • Common talent sourcing strategies adopted by companies within this market
  • The extent of talent intelligence as a means of attracting and retaining key talent


What's Inside

Analysis into the trends and practices of large organizations across the globe relating as they seek to attract and retain scarce digital talent. Readers of this report will be able to use his data to answer the following questions:

  • What is the current state of competition for talent in the markets I care most about? and how can I gain an edge over our competitors?
  • How do our internal labour market dynamics compare to others in my region?
  • What are the most popular mechanisms to retain Digital talent?

Statements made in this document are made with the assumption that Mercer’s workforce metrics and analytics team will provide consulting and support to achieve the outcomes deliver through reading this report.
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Digital Talent Trends Report

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