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Many companies are moving away from long-term international assignments to less expensive locally based salary structures. As your mobility program grows and new situations arise, your company needs to be flexible on your compensation approach based on your specific requirements.

Streamline the way you pay international employees on a local compensation program with the Compensation Localizer tool. Calculate the difference between costs in the current and proposed locations, accounting for taxes, goods and services, and housing expenses. Measure the precise economic gain or loss to your transferee. Use this market data to customize the calculations with ease down to your individual employees’ situation, such as:

  • Local Plus packages (where it is a feasible alternative to a traditional expat package).
  • Localization (transitioning expatriates to host-based pay).
  • One-way indefinite international transfers.
  • Locally or directly hired foreigners.
Do you have the data to simplify your compensation localization pay?
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Compensation Localizer USD 600 per calculation

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Compensation Localizer

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  • Short DescriptionStreamline the way you pay international employees on a local compensation program with this tool.

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