Collective Bargaining Report – Colombia

Collective Bargaining Report – Colombia SKU_9052
In a changing world, where quick decisions must be made that will impact the business in the short and long term, it is necessary to have reliable information that contributes to the decision making in the companies.

With the objective of providing relevant data on remuneration, benefits, assistance and policies defined for positions covered by collective agreements or conventions, Mercer and López & Asociados developed the Collective Negotiation Study in Colombia.


  • Overview



1. General information of the companies
  • Geographical distribution, economic activity, company size
  • Types of agreements, validity, rate of unionization
2. Normative aspects
  • Disciplinary processes
  • Special committees
  • Guarantees
3. Extralegal benefits
  • Extralegal bonuses
  • Help
  • Loans
4. Salary aspects
  • Increments
  • Salaries by category*
  • Only applies for Oil, Mining and Manufacturing


The information of the study comes from 25 collective agreements, analyzing the economic activities of the manufacturing industry, oil and mining, and financial sector. In turn, these activities are subdivided into 3 subsectors.

What will you receive?

The report is delivered in PDF format.
The report is available in Spanish.


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  • Short DescriptionProvides relevant data on remuneration, benefits, assistance and policies defining positions covered by collective agreements.
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