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The Canada MBD: Mercer Benchmark Database is the premier general industry for evaluating and creating competitive compensation plans. This salary survey will help you to assess your competitive market position, refine your compensation strategy, and boost your incentive solutions so that you can properly attract and retain the top talent.

The Canada MBD: Mercer Benchmark Database is the pioneer of compensation surveys with HR metrics covering over 1,500 positions derived from 390,000+ employees in over 1,000 organizations, giving you one of the most comprehensive salary comparison surveys out there. Get exclusive access to the executive compensation summary of the results (MBDspan) with highlights from the 2017 Canada MBD that includes key analytics, expert commentary, market movement, trends, hot spots, and employment indicators.

With customized reports that compare your company's data to the market, you can ensure your compensation strategy will be competitive. You can use this data for salary benchmarking your positions year over year, while also giving the ability to compare incentive plans and total direct compensation by industry, revenue, geography, and more!

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The Canada MBD: Mercer Benchmark Database consists of the following 10 modules:

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Employees Positions
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Corporate and HR 965 76,044 246
Engineering and Design 576 48,806 148
Executive 889 13,625 228
Finance, Accounting, and Legal 919 43,021 160
High-Tech and E-Commerce 303 7,744 99
Mercer/Gartner Information Technology 743 59,089 432
Logistics and Supply Chain 683 42,417 101
Manufacturing and Operations 669 45,401 117
Marketing and Sales 865 71,714 244

By combining these surveys into a single release, HR professionals now have the ability to harness the power of this Mercer data to:

  • Blend positions across industry benchmarks
  • Create and/or run a single report template across positions
  • Compare your organization's data to the market across survey modules
  • Export data into Excel from a wide array of positions at one time

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