Benefits and Benefit Valuation Reports

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Benefits and Benefit Valuation Reports imageNowadays, compensation isn’t enough to attract and retain your key talent, since new factors are involved and play a key role in an employee’s commitment.

With our report, you will be able to learn which benefits the market grants, the choices of the different generations for the management, and the definition of an active value proposal to the employee.



Benefits and policies valuation survey – Chile

Discover what the employees are interested in according to their socio-demographic characteristics such as: age, gender, localization, formation, among others.

The topics covered in the survey are:

  • Employee value propositio
  • Benefits valuation
  • Work life balance
  • Training
  • Mobility and development
  • Commitment
  • Leadership

Labor benefits report

The objective of this report is to describe the current situation regarding benefits, prevalence, trends and innovative practices; highlighting those designed to add value in terms of talent management.

Report Content
  • Bonds and assignments
  • Education
  • Flexible schedule
  • Events and festivities
  • Agreements
  • Assistance
  • Pension
  • Goods and species
  • Health and family
  • Labor policies

What will you receive?

The report will be sent in PDF format.


Information available: February 2018


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