Africa Mercer BenefitsMonitor®

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TRS Cover Mercer BenefitsMonitor® is an interactive and user-centered online tool that offers a wide range of flexible and intuitive features for benefits reporting and analysis - excellent for comparing your benefits data against that of your competitors.
  • One-stop source for the latest market & statutory benefits information through regular survey updates
  • Find out the market prevalence of benefit items and analyze how companies set up their benefits plans for the different employee groups
    • Conduct analysis using various filters such as industry segment and headcount
    • View data by percentile statistics, average, minimum and maximum values
    • Include your organization’s data during market analysis
    • Conduct peer group comparisons through customized reports
  • Export the survey

arrowAvailable Countries
  • Angola
  • Cameroon
  • DRC
  • Ethiopia
  • Gabon
  • Ghana
  • Ivory Coast
  • Kenya
  • Malawi
  • Nigeria
  • Republic of Congo
  • Senegal
  • Tanzania
  • Uganda
  • Zimbabwe
  • South Africa (NEW!)

Africa Mercer BenefitsMonitor continent graphic
arrowBenefits Covered
  • Flexible Work Arrangements
  • Maternity/Paternity Leave
  • Congratulations and Condolences
  • Retirement – Defined Contribution
  • Retirement – Defined Benefit
  • Medical & Hospitalization Plans
  • Vision Care
  • Life, Disability, and Risk Insurance
  • Vehicle Benefits
  • Loans
  • Allowances
  • Travel Benefits
  • Training & Development
  • Housing
  • Schooling
  • More!
arrowReport Details

  • BPR (Benefits Prevalence Report): Allows you to compare your employer’s benefits plan against the aggregated statistical data of our benefits survey participants, per employee level.
  • BPRS (Benefits Practice Report Summary): Allows you to view prevalence and median values of benefits plans provided across employee levels in 1 report.
  • DBR (Detailed Benefit Report): Allows you to conduct a side-by-side comparison of your employer’s benefits plan against the exact benefits plans details of a custom peer group of your choice.

arrowNot a current participant? Participation is simple!

Forward all of your policy documentation in PDF or WORD. A brief check-list:
  • Medical policy including vision and dental
  • Life and accident insurance policies
  • Employee handbook
  • Other benefit policy documentation
Your information will be kept strictly confidential and any data reported will be in aggregate and not individually identifiable. If you would prefer that we obtain this policy information directly from your providers, please complete the waiver and we will reach out to them for details.

As a participant, you will receive the Spotlight on Benefits report, which highlights key findings on benefits policies and practices.

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