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Short-term international assignments allow companies to transfer skills, knowledge and resources quickly and cost effectively, providing a quick response to business needs. However, living costs for short term assignees are different from other categories of mobile workers. Mercer offers a powerful tool to help your company determine per diem rates suitable for short term.

Mercer's Short-term Assignment Per Diem Calculator is a tool to compensate employees for the cost of daily life at short-term assignment locations.

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The Short-term Assignment Per Diem Calculator is designed specifically for employees on international assignments lasting 3-12 months. It is intended to provide a fixed daily living allowance, equitable to all assignees in the same host location, regardless of salary level or home country. Our per diem recommendations will allow you to establish budgets in lieu of managing expenses.

Mercer's per diem recommendations are based on the spending patterns of short-term assignees with use of self-catering facilities. As a result, Mercer's per diems provide a much more appropriate and costeffective solution than relying on government or other publicly available data designed for business travelers staying in hotels.

The Short-term Assignment Per Diem Calculator can be easily designed to match your company's practices:

  • Three standard levels are offered, letting you choose the per diem allowance based on your company's budget and spending assumptions. The key variables in the options are the number of restaurant meals and the type of transportation assistance.
  • Alternatively, you can customize the market basket elements according to your own specifications.

The Short-term Assignment Per Diem Calculator is conveniently housed with your other Mercer mobility tools and delivers Mercer's reliable short-term assignment data in a way that is easy to use and share.

Mercer's Short-term Assignment Per Diem Calculator allows you to establish cost-effective and consistent per diems. Our per diem data is:

  • Accurate. Mercer's global expertise and years of pricing surveys allow us to collect and deliver the recommendations for 375 locations.
  • Transparent. We can break down our recommendations to show exactly what makes up the numbers.
  • Up-to-date. We collect pricing data at least twice a year and more frequently in locations with volatile prices.
  • Easily customized. The Short-term Assignment Per Diem Calculator is flexible, allowing for differentiation by type of assignment or other factors, in order to provide recommendations most applicable to your assignees.
  • Specific to multinationals. Our pricing data is based on spending patterns

Three per diem levels:

  • Low
  • Medium
  • High

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