Workforce Metrics

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Every day you face challenging questions regarding the cost and effectiveness of your workforce.

Are your payroll dollars being spent on the right priorities? Do you have turnover risks? What factors could be contributing to turnover? Is it happening only in certain functions or at certain levels in the organization? How does your organization’s productivity compare to that of your peers?

Answers to these questions will help you evaluate the competitiveness of your workforce strategy. Our workforce metrics data help you improve future success through quantitative analysis of your organization’s people. Using Mercer’s Workforce Metrics Solution will increase the likelihood of maintaining a stable and properly skilled workforce on a fully informed basis. With key metrics in hand, you begin to understand the productivity of the workforce and the link between your employees and the revenue they generate.

Your purchase provides you with online access to the most current workforce metrics for 2015, as well as access to historical information for trend analysis from 2013 and 2014. On all our dashboards you can compare your organization to the market. Our workforce metrics dashboards include:

  • Financial Workforce Effectiveness Metrics- Workforce productivity, operating costs per FTE, profit per FTE and compensation expenses as a percent of revenue and operating expenses.
  • Organizational Workforce Movement Metrics- Voluntary, involuntary and retirement turnover as well as metrics relating to new hires, promotions, and lateral movement of employees.
  • Organizational Structure Workforce Metrics- Workforce distribution and compensation structure by career level and by function as well as span of control.

This flexible, easy-to-use solution allows you to customize metrics data to suit your needs — by country, by industry and by company size. With workforce analytics in hand, you can begin to understand how your internal data compares to your peers and ensure your workforce is aligned to your business strategy.

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