Mercer Belong Widgets for Employees

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Our Widgets help equip employees to take informed, positive action. Self-contained web features, available as Flash files and as HTML, are ready to be installed on your intranet server and linked for your employees to use immediately.

Try the live example below, then use the demo links to view each of our widget modules. Each is available for online purchase for USD 3000 per widget. You can also download a flyer to see widgets that are coming soon.

If you would like information about customizing widgets with your company logo and colors, contact a Mercer consultant who will get you your quote.

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Early Bird—Demonstrates the value of saving early Add to Cart

Helpful, practical, everyday health tips for steering clear of the doctor's office

Doc Dodger

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Translates snack food options into real-time treadmill consequences

Snack Burner

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Suggests easy, everyday ways to get people moving and calories burning

Calorie Burner

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Challenges employees to identify unhealthy foods from a "meal" and provides a link to USDA dietary guidelines

Junk Food Finder

Demo Add to Cart

Debunks common myths about health

Myth Buster: Health

Demo Add to Cart

De-stress Yourself

Demo Add to Cart

Stress Soother

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Equips employees with terms to 'talk the talk' intelligently about saving and investment

Smart Money Talker

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Provides four easy steps to an investment strategy

Recipe for Investing

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Debunks common myths about saving and investing

Myth Buster: Investing

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Provides nine easy ideas for reducing debt practically and effectively

Debt Buster

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