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United States

US Geographic Salary Differentials

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The Geographic Salary Differentials (GEO) tool provides an analysis of pay differentials for about 200 US cities. Mercer's GEO provides specific salary differential information based on actual market data collected each year in Mercer's compensation surveys, rather than data interpolation. This methodology ensures that the information is the highest-quality salary differential information available and reflects an ever changing US compensation landscape.

With an increasing number of companies with operations across US, Mercer understands the need for credible salary differential information. Once equipped with this information, you can design competitive salary structures, consistently handle employee relocation across the country and determine cost of staff depending on geographic location.

NEW enhancements in 2015!

  • Increased number of surveys included in the geographic analysis
  • Updated methodology to a single regression line
  • Delivered in Excel
  • More streamlined appearance and intuitive user interface with the same functionality
  • Analysis updated to limit the number of pay rates with default increments added
  • Increased data pool used for geographic analysis

Canada Interested in Canadian operation locations as well?
Visit our Canadian Geographic Salary Differentials Report page.

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List of Cities

GEO Features
  • Analyze geographic salary differentials for about 200 US cities

  • Compare data at the city or national level

  • Compare cities to each other and to the national median

  • Compare differentials at varying salary levels you define — up to $150,000

  • View actual and projected salary increase percentages for each location from Mercer's US Compensation Planning Survey

  • Create reports and graphs of data for the cities you select

  • Price or export the results.

  • Accessible 24/7 via the Internet for product year duration

Sample Analysis

The graphs, tables, and equations in Mercer's GEO enable you to analyze differentials in a variety of ways. Differentials are calculated for the salary levels you select. Bar charts and linear graphs visually depict differentials for each city.

(Click image for larger view.)

Graphical/tabular summaries by city provide documentation for management reports and presentations.

(Click image for larger view.)

Compare differentials between cities or to the national median.

(Click image for larger view.)

Also available ... Metropolitan Benchmark — Your source for local compensation data on nonexempt and lower level exempt jobs.

Survey Schedule
  • Data Effective Date: Jan 1*
  • Report Available: Now

    *2014 data has been aged to Jan 1, 2015.

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