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Compensation Handbook

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2014/2015 Edition

Compensation Handbook

This practical compensation guide supports HR efforts to make optimal workforce decisions to attract, retain, and motivate talented employees.

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Today’s global organisations require managers at all levels to understand many interrelated elements of compensation. This information allows HR to prioritise talent, differentiate employee performance, optimise internal budgets, and attract and retain top talent.

A company’s overall compensation strategy should include the following perspectives in order to achieve the most effective outcomes:

  • Competitive market.
  • Pay positioning and compensation mix.
  • Alignment with business goals, mission, and cultural values.
  • Professional development.

For compensation programmes to be successful, companies must understand employees’ satisfaction with total rewards factors and the importance they give to each factor.

Mercer’s 2014/2015 Compensation Handbook explains the various components of compensation and pay structures, by iIllustrating types of incentives, allowances, and equity plans. The handbook guides HR administrators in rewarding employees and also presents administrative topics, including compensation planning and budgeting, as well as benchmarking key jobs to the market.


The Compensation Handbook offers an in-depth collection of global information on:

Compensation structure
  • Compensation components.
  • Pay structures.
Compensation administration
  • Benchmarking.
  • Pay planning.
  • Salary budgeting.
  • Allowances.
  • Equity plans.
  • Incentives.
  • Performance.

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