Salary Benchmarking - The art and the science

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salary benchmarking
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Consider these questions...

  • Have you considered that a 5% salary underpayment is enough to send your key talent to the competition, but not enough to motivate your marginal employees to leave?

  • Did you realise that overpaying 25 employees by approximately 2%, costs your organisation over €20,000 and does little to motivate key employees to stay?

  • Do you have a new role in your organisation and need to know, quickly, what pay and/or package to offer?

  • Do you have a high turnover of staff in key roles and exit interviews indicate that salary is an issue?

  • Do you require up to date salary and benefit information for the annual pay review process, but have insufficient internal resource to "crunch the numbers"?

...obtain the right solutions

Wherever in the world you have operations, you need reliable and up to date information on pay and benefits prevalence to guide your remuneration policies and ensure your organisation's competitiveness.

Mercer's Salary Benchmarking provides an independent snapshot of the market base salary, total cash, short and long-term incentives, as well as typical benefit prevalence for individual positions. These benchmarkings can be tailored to your own specific needs and all results are based on extensive, high quality data taken from Mercer surveys.

As a result, Mercer's Salary Benchmarking provides you with a quick, reliable and cost effective means of surveying the marketplace, enabling you to:

  • develop salary bands and/or remuneration policies,

  • improve employee retention,

  • guide remuneration for new recruits,

  • compare total cash and total remuneration packages with competitors,

  • calculate next year's salary increase budgets, and

  • target remuneration fairly and equitably.

The three level Salary Benchmarking system

Mercer's Salary Benchmarkings are available in three different levels listed below:

Level 1 Total Cash - View Level 1 sample

  • typical base salary range showing lower quartile, median, mean and upper quartile

  • typical bonus information, ie prevalence and actual bonus payout as a percentage of base salary

  • typical total cash range showing lower quartile, median, mean and upper quartile

Level 2 Total Direct Compensation - View Level 2 sample

  • all of level 1 PLUS a valuation of long-term incentives

Level 3 Total Remuneration - View Level 3 sample

  • all of level 2 PLUS the cash value of benefits from the employee's perspective

What is available to you?

  • A statistical report, showing typical market pay and benefits information according to your specifications

  • A comparative report is also offered, expressing your organisation's salaries as a percentage of the market upper quartile, median or lower quartile. Fee level would vary depending on nature of work, and relevant organisation information will be required to conduct the analysis.

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