International Position Evaluation System (IPE)

Fast, reliable and precise job levelling

International Position Evaluation System (IPE) image Consider these questions…
  • Are you looking for something that has a track record of success and can be implemented quickly and consistently?
  • Do you desire multiple approaches to evaluate jobs, such as point factor and decision tree?
  • Would you like to decentralize responsibility (particularly among HR generalists) while maintaining consistency and corporate oversight and governance?
  • Are multilingual capabilities a key consideration?
  • Is anytime, anywhere access important?
  • Are you seeking a strong and transparent linkage to market data around the globe as well as access to more than 2,000 Mercer benchmark jobs and evaluations to speed the evaluation process?

International Position Evaluation System (IPE) courses image  Europe IPE Courses

The EMEA-wide programme of IPE Public Courses aims to address the increasing needs of Mercer clients regarding IPE transfer of know-how and support. It also provides other HR professionals and managers with the chance to explore new, more streamlined ways of job evaluation as to establish and maintaining job structures.

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International Position Evaluation: One management tool with several business applications

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Mercer's proprietary International Position Evaluation (IPE) system is a global factor-based approach, allowing for fast, reliable and consistent measurement of positions' size and value to an organisation across job families, within any type of organisation, anywhere in the world.

Not all positions at any one organisation level have the same impact, require the same level of knowledge and skill, or face the same innovation and communication requirements or operating complexities. The true value of the IPE System is that it is a totally independent and objective method, allowing you to compare various aspects of a job, and to rank positions accurately against each other – across job families, within any type of organisation, anywhere in the world.

 Key features:

The IPE System analyses jobs according to four 'core' factors:

  • Impact

  • Communication

  • Innovation

  • Knowledge

An additional factor, 'Risk', is an integrated but optional part of the IPE methodology.

These factors are sub-divided further into 12 dimensions, each of which is individually weighted.

International Position Evaluation System (IPE) dimensions graphic
 Mercer's IPE System – A step ahead…
  • IPE is a ready made, point factor tool that is globally supported by Mercer consultants.

  • The IPE methodology evolves in response to changes in the environment and user feedback, ensuring that it is continuously updated and improved.

  • The IPE System has a long tradition as a popular method of position evaluation. Consequently, Mercer has significant experience of working with the world's leading organisations in implementing and managing their internal position evaluation processes.

  • IPE can be used to compare positions across job families and organisations, anywhere in the world.

  • Focusing on the four 'core' factors ensures that the IPE System is quick, consistent and easy-to-use.

 eIPE Unlimited

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eIPE Unlimited is an interactive, web based, software tool that supports and enhances the flexibility of the IPE System.

Use eIPE to compare positions across job families within one location or across multiple business units, anywhere in the world, in four simple steps.

International Position Evaluation System (IPE) steps graphic

Benefits of using eIPE include:

  • time-saving

  • significantly reduced paperwork

  • online calculations

  • corporate governance

  • simplicity of process

  • any time, anywhere access

  • quick comparisons

  • globally consistent results

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