Getting the best out of your brightest employees is simple — all you have to do is listen

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Employee engagement is a top concern for CEOs and HR leaders from around the world, but Mercer research* shows executives just aren’t getting the quality engagement information they’re hoping to find.

Many organizations have implemented annual employee engagement surveys, but these often don’t provide enough data for developing actionable plans for effecting change. And, in today’s rapidly changing market, having a close connection to your employees—to understand what is and is not working, what is needed, and where there are areas of opportunity—is important to be able to react swiftly. Employees want to hear from you and know that you’re making decisions in their best interest.

Make sure you’re asking the right questions—at the right time—to get actionable insights for building a better workforce with the Mercer suite of engagement tools and services backed by our world-class talent strategy consultants.

*According to Mercer’s 2019 Global Talent Trends Report