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Your single source for data and insights on all HR topics.

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Do you find that some days you need pay data, benefits data, policy insights, and more all within a few hours? Managing all aspects of the HR function is only getting more complex.

With the Mercer Talent All Access® Portal – US edition, quickly get to the reports you need no matter what the topic. Designed to help make your day easier, the US portal includes our best-selling reports to give you fast, easy access to the content you need.

To view the reports, please visit the tabs below. Get the latest edition of each report as they're released.

Make the right decisions with the right data when you subscribe to the Talent All Access® Portal.

20+ reports included
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This best-selling collection is over a 50% savings from purchasing each report separately and includes upcoming NEW releases of these reports.

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  • Pay reports included
  • Benefits reports included
  • Workforce Analytics report included
  • Turnover reports included
  • Relocation report included


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Talent All Access® Portal — US Edition USD 5,000

*Online includes 12 months access for up to 5 users.

If you need this data for Canada please visit the Talent All Access® Portal – Canada Edition. And, if you are operating globally, the Talent All Access® Portal – Global Edition is also available.

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Talent All Access® Portal - US Edition

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Pay reports included

Benefits reports included

  • Car Benefit Policies — Discover which types of transportation benefits are commonly offered and who is eligible to receive them.
  • Car Cost Report — Understand costs associated with offering a car benefit to help determine the right approach for your company.
  • Global Inclusive Benefits — Gain insights into how organizations are structuring benefits to provide equal access for every employee regarding LGBTQIA+ benefits, preventative care, mental health, and more.
  • Leave Programs —Review market practice and statutory requirements of paid and unpaid time off for a selection of core leave programs, such as parental, adoption, bereavement, vacation, and more.
  • Social Security and Medicare: A Professional's Reference — An in-depth explanation of Social Security and Medicare to help you answer employees key questions about these important benefits. 
  • Worldwide Benefit & Employment Guidelines (US Edition) — Review statutory and supplemental benefit details for social security, retirement, medical, death, disability, and more.

Workforce Analytics report included

  • Workforce Metrics — Use metric data to help to quantify costs and understand the impact of the policies, processes and structure your organization has implemented.

Turnover reports included

  • Severance Pay Policies — Evaluate notice periods, payment structure and formula by comparing to statutory requirements, as well as typical market practice.
  • Workforce Movement (US Edition) — Monitor employee movement trends in, out, and within companies with data on turnover, workforce changes, hot skills and more.

Relocation report included

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  • Sub TitleYour single source for data and insights on all HR topics.
  • Short DescriptionYour single source for data and insights on all HR topics.

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