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In Mercer we want to help our clients build a unique and differential employee experience. The labor ecosystem is in the process of transformation and, to accompany the change and influence its design, it is necessary to add the voice of its protagonists and thus initiate this process of collective ideation.

Through SELFIEx - Employee Experience 2.0 we design a clear and consistent measurement system to identify those companies that, according to their employees' own voice, are creating a positive employee experience. Are you ready?

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Empowering the employee making it part of the design of their experience

Dissemination and recognition in media

Delivery of a detailed report of the results

Business Safari visits two participating companies to deepen their employee programs

Access to the mercer global benchmark of best-in-class companies


We will capture feedback from your employees to turn it into key information for your talent management strategy.

The process is very simple: the participating companies select a sample of employees to give us their feedback and based on the results they can access a diagnosis of the type of experience they are generating among their employees.

The survey consists of 8 factors with 45 topics that measure the attributes of a differential employee experience:

  • Cultural integrity
  • Organizational agility
  • Responsible leadership
  • Healthy work environment
  • Equitable rewards
  • Professional strength
  • Prosperous individuals
  • Commitment

The survey will be administered exclusively through an online platform.


Marcelo Jalil
+52 11 5280 7807

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  • Short DescriptionA clear and consistent measurement system to identify those companies that are creating a positive employee experience.
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