Sales Force: Policies and Remuneration Financial Sector

Sales Force: Policies and Remuneration Financial Sector SKU_8950

Designed to support variable compensation practices for sales positions, the Sales Force Incentives Colombia and Panama Survey will help companies structure their administrative processes.

This survey focuses on Financial companies for: Colombia and Panama, analyzing commercial structures of all types of banking (Personal, SMEs, Corporate, Business and Investments).

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Product Details

This survey analyzes detailed information about:

  • Structure of the Sales area
    • Area Segmentation
    • Functions and Positions
    • Head Count
    • Span of Control
    • Turnover
  • Wage Mangement Parameters
    • Policy Definition
    • Market Positioning
    • Salary Increases
    • Policy administration and tools
  • Performance compensation model
    • Payment method
    • Payment mix
    • Fullfilment curve and Payment curve
    • KPI
    • Goal setting
    • Conditions/Triggers
  • Complementary practices
    • Extraordinary /Sporadic incentives
    • Tools and Benefits

What do you receive?

As a participant: You will receive an executive report in PDF with a brief summary of the main findings of the study according to the industry and country in which you participated.

As a buyer: Companies that acquire the study will have access to 100% of the results in a PDF report by country and by industry according to their participation.

Comparative report: You can also acquire a comparative report against the general market or a specific sample of at least 10 participating companies.

Coverage / Schedule

  • Colombia
  • Panama

  • Participation Deadline: October 6, 2017
  • Results Available: November


Price by Country
Full Report:

-Participant: 2,100 USD
-Non participant: 4,200 USD

Compare my company against:
-General market: 3,800 USD
-Peer group: 5,800 USD


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Juan Camilo Terront:

Juan Bastidas:

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