Labor Benefits Report

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The Labor Benefits Study aims to show the different benefit programs that Chilean companies provide to workers as part of their value proposition, analyzing the benefits in terms of frequency, delivery method, amount and innovative practices.

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  • Bonuses and assignments
  • Health and life
  • Retirement and severance
  • Cars and species
  • Education benefits
  • Conventions
  • Assistance
  • Labor flexibility
  • Events and festivities
  • Wellness and quality of life
  • Policy and promotion policies
  • Diversity and inclusion

What will you receive?

The report will be sent in PDF format.

Information available in November 2019.

Pricing Options

Labor Benefits Report 2019: 125 UF
Labor Benefits Report 2019 + Total Remuneration Survey (TRS) Chile 2019: 290 UF


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  • Short DescriptionLearn which benefits the market grants, the choices of the different generations for the management, and the definition of an active value proposal to the employee.
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