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Engage employees in uncertain times while balancing empathy and economics

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In today’s dynamic world, staying connected has never been more important. For organizations to thrive, leaders must ensure an employee experience that allows people to perform at their best. And that means continuously sourcing strategic insight from, and about, their people.

Mercer offers employee feedback options to help you stay connected. Our fast, flexible, digital solutions provide meaningful and timely insight to inform decisions that drive organizational performance.

Digital focus groups and pulse surveys are quick and easy ways for you to stay connected to your people to inform evidence-based decisions that drive organizational performance.  Solutions include:

Digital Focus Groups

  • Virtual, scalable conversations with up to 1,000 participants from any device.
  • Real-time, thematic analysis driven by artificial intelligence distills themes and sentiments from qualitative feedback.
  • Dynamic dashboards provide for extensive data exploration and segmentation.
  • Conversations that encourage honesty and authenticity with complete anonymity.

Pulse Surveys

  • Targeted survey configured to assess employee experiences and perceptions as a result of COVID-19.
  • Readily identifies areas or topics of concern and best practice, discrepancies across the organization.
  • Ready to launch content based on today’s most pressing work challenges.
  • Prioritizes action items based on survey results.

Working in partnership with your team, we provide guidance that goes beyond the data — unlocking the insight needed to inform strategic decision-making and action. To learn how employee engagement services can support your organization, click here.

Additional engagement services available from Mercer include:

  • On-boarding surveys
  • Employee exit surveys
  • Company culture surveys
  • Multi-rater surveys for development
  • Total rewards surveys
  • Conjoint surveys for rewards preferences
  • Custom engagement surveys and consulting
  • Virtual, online focus groups
  • Linkage analysis of engagement data to outcomes
  • Workshops, training, and coaching
  • Sub TitleEngage employees in uncertain times while balancing empathy and economics
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  • Short DescriptionIdentify where leaders, employees, strategy and culture are misaligned, uncover hidden factors that drive performance, and support positive change.
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