Say Goodbye to Painful Year-End Reporting

Ah, the end of the year. It brings up thoughts of holidays and family gatherings, warm smells, good cooking … and year-end compliance reporting. Did your stomach just turn? For many of us, year-end reporting is the anti-holiday. It looms over us. It feels big, overwhelming, and completely unavoidable. Wish you could curl up under a blanket and wake up in spring when reporting is over?

Not this year. Why? Because reporting just got easier.

This year is different. This year, you have Workday. You can seamlessly create and submit W-2 year-end data to tax-filing service providers or government agencies. Plus, complying with the Affordable Care Act (ACA) reporting requirements will seem effortlessd. In just a few steps, you can prepare and transmit ACA forms to the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) and to employees.

W-2 and ACA compliance reporting, once multi-step, tedious processes, are now simplified. Let Mercer AMS help you!

Reporting Made Easier

You’ve worked hard this year. You deserve a present. With Workday year-end payroll and benefits reporting, you get access to W-2 tax forms all in one system. You can create and submit W-2s quickly, easily, and securely. Let Workday automatically generate 1094/1095 forms and codes for ACA compliance along with mobile accessible electronic copies of tax forms for the IRS and your employees.

That Sounds Great! Where do I start?

Your data matters. For accurate year-end reporting, maintain your tax and payroll data throughout the year. We recommend focusing on key actions, such as mapping pay components and reviewing earnings and deductions with annual limits. When it comes to benefits, get a head start by setting-up Open Enrollment 2021 and managing ACA measurements and eligibility. Testing and retesting before launch are key. Don’t let the holidays be lonely. We are here for you! Get in touch with our team of experts standing by to help.

Ready to end the headache and enjoy the holidays? Let Mercer AMS give you the helping hand you need to make year-end reporting a breeze.