Remuneration Deviation Report

A quick and reliable benchmark of your compensation policy versus the market.

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Consider these questions:

  • How does your pay practice measure up?
  • Are you up to date with the current competitiveness of your compensation policy compared with market levels?
  • Do you take into account your competitors' compensation levels in your pay practice decisions?

Mercer's Remuneration Deviation Report helps you maximise the effectiveness of your company's remuneration policies and practices, by providing a better analysis of your own data to understand how your people are compensated compared with the reference market.

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Mercer's Remuneration Deviation Report covers comparisons of compensation elements with market values. All results are taken from Mercer's high-quality data sources that cover more than 120 countries and a variety of sectors and industries.

Each report contains remuneration deviation analysis for a number of positions in a given country. The deviation analysis covers a comparison of the following compensation elements with market values:

  • Annual Base Salary
  • Annual Total Cash (Actual)
  • Annual Total Remuneration

The remuneration deviation analysis of the positions is presented via deviation analysis tables, containing the different statistical measures for each of the compensation elements listed in the Compensation Remuneration Report. The reference market (general or a specific sector) can be defined by the client and is based on regressed or actual data.

The results are presented both in tables with detailed data and in useful charts, for quick identification of the relationship between individual pay levels and the defined market.

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Key Benefits

Mercer's Remuneration Deviation Report:

  • Provides a better understanding of how a client company's employees are compensated compared with the market.
  • Helps to better align actual compensation practice and policy.
  • Provides data at the individual and group levels. This enables more-informed compensation decisions.

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  • Sub TitleA quick and reliable benchmark of your compensation policy versus the market.
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  • Short DescriptionA quick and reliable benchmark of your compensation policy versus the market.
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