Mercer Pan-European Financial Services Executive Remuneration Guide

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Mercer Pan-European Financial Services Executive Remumeration Guide SKU_8103

Consider these questions...

  • Do you have an easy-to-use source within your sector of activity for comparing compensation across Europe?
  • What are your competitors from the financial services sector doing for upcoming salary reviews and incentive design? Is your internal compensation structure aligned with the new playing field?
  • Are you able to evaluate the competitive position of each element of your total direct remuneration on a pan-European basis?
  • Would you like up-to-date information on global and European trends to support your executive remuneration strategy?
  • Are you able to generate instant, automated and fully customized comparisons between your organization and the market?
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Obtain the right solutions

  • The Mercer Executive Remuneration Guides: Pan-European Financial Services (PEFS) survey provides the market data and analytical tools to support remuneration programes for leading financial services organizations in Europe.
  • The PEFS survey covers over 1,800 benchmark executive positions at the executive board and the next two reporting levels.
  • This guide provides consistent and accurate market data and covers all aspects of total direct compensation, including all forms of cash compensation and long-term incentives.

Key features and benefits:

  • Targets Europe's largest financial services businesses ensuring the relevance of comparator group to participating organizations
  • Valuation of the total direct remuneration package, including base salary, bonuses and long-term incentives enabling comparisons to be made from the executive's perspective
  • Survey roles underpinned by Mercer's International Position Evaluation tool, ensuring that positions are accurately compared on a like-for-like basis
  • Pre-completed questionnaire (job matching, job grading and policies and practices) for previous year participants
  • Unlimited refined comparisons and analyses to be made – e.g. how one specific aspect of a package compares with your own values
  • A detailed report with comprehensive valuation tables of total direct remuneration for each role for various levels of executives across countries – with our online WIN® tool enabling detailed customized reports against relevant peer groups
  • Analysis on trends and emerging practices, enabling participants to keep up to date on the latest executive pay practices

Product Details

Job families and positions surveyed

Mercer surveys more than 1,800 executive positions in PEFS. The analysis includes comparisons between board and non-board positions at the same level for the job families:

  • Communications & Corporate Affairs
  • Consumer & Commercial Banking
  • Finance
  • General Management
  • Human Resources
  • IT, Telecom & Internet
  • Legal, Compliance & Audit
  • Sales, Marketing & Product Management

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What do you receive?

  • Online access – Data delivered online through Mercer WIN® accessible anywhere, at any time. Fully customise searches and statistics according to your individual needs, and receive instant comparisons of your organization's data against the market
  • Survey overview – A general review of typical salary practices and compensation mix, employment trends, and other economic indicators related to human resource management decisions
  • Commentary on survey results

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Mercer Pan-European Financial Services Executive Remuneration Guide


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EUR 4,300.00

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  • Data Effective Date: 1 April
  • Questionnaire Distribution: 15 April
  • Client Participation Deadline: 29 June
  • Publication Date: 28 September


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  • Short DescriptionMercer’s Executive Remuneration Guides: Pan-European Financial Services survey provides market data and analytical tools to support remuneration programs.
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