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Mercer’s Compensation Handbook helps companies and HR managers answer the fundamental question of how to fairly and effectively compensate their workforce. The handbook is a comprehensive overview of all things related to compensation, including compensation components, pay structures, job benchmarking and others, and provides valuable information to both experienced HR managers and new hires.

The Compensation Handbook offers Mercer’s insights into the costs and benefits of various compensation structures and programmes. Specifically, the handbook walks the reader through different types of variable pay plans, from cash allowances to long-term incentives, and explains the processes by which an organisation can evaluate and reward high-performing employees. By compiling all of this data into one, easy-to-use reference guide, Mercer provides a powerful tool to companies big and small that are looking to ground their organisation in sustainable compensation packages while also driving their employees to optimal performance.

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Compensation Handbook



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  • Short DescriptionInsights into the costs and benefits of various compensation structures and programmes.
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