Agriculture Survey

Provides agriculture companies with current and comprehensive remuneration data on a selection of industry specific positions.

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Agriculture  Survey overview infographic showing data collected across 27 European markets

Product Details


Each Agriculture survey costs 2.200EUR, upon participation

Jobs Surveyed

Remuneration data is collected for industry specific benchmarks in the following specialisations plus chosen cross-industry specializations:

Legal, Compliance & Audit

  • Product Regulatory Affairs (Life Sciences & Agriculture)

Sales, Marketing & Product Management

  • Technical/Scientific Sales Service
  • General Field Sales: Agricultural/Chemical & Seeds (Agriculture)
  • General Field Sales: Agricultural/Chemical (Agriculture)
  • General Field Sales: Specialty Agricultural/Chemical (Agriculture)
  • Channel Sales: Seeds (Agriculture)

Trading & Dealing

  • Soft Commodities (Agriculture) Trading
  • Soft Commodities (Agriculture) Trade Execution
  • Other Trading & Dealing Operations
  • Soft Commodities Origination (Agriculture)

Engineering & Science

  • Field Research Station Management (Agriculture)
  • Field Product Development Operations (Agriculture)
  • Discovery Biology (Agriculture)
  • Lab Research Science (Agriculture)
  • Field Research Science (Agriculture)
  • Field Production Science: Agronomy (Agriculture)
  • Science R&D Analytics: Bioinformatics (Agriculture)
  • Research Technical Professional: Lab/Field (Agriculture)
  • Field Research Technical Support (Agriculture)

Production & Skilled Trades

  • Plant Multiplication & Seeds Production (Agriculture)

Markets Covered

The survey is conducted in the following countries:

Argentina Germany Mexico South Africa
Brazil Greece Morocco Spain
Bulgaria Hungary Netherlands Switzerland*
Chile India Philippines Thailand
Czech Republic* Indonesia Poland Turkey
Egypt Italy Romania Ukraine
France Kenya Russia United Kingdom

* Czech Republic and Switzerland would be published every other year (2020, 2022, 2024)

Delivery on Mercer WIN®

Mercer Workforce Intelligence Network® (Mercer WIN) is a single-point access to Mercer's unparalleled survey data and analytics. WIN represents the most comprehensive and intuitive tool available. Specifically, Mercer WIN allows:

  • Simultaneous access to markets and surveys around the world
  • Access to Agriculture industry specific reports and the advanced functionalities for relevant individual comparisons by title, level, industries, markets. Aging and currency normalization are available too
  • Production of customized charts, graphs and reports at the click of a button

Mercer WIN's built-in reporting and analytic capabilities let you quickly and easily turn information into true intelligence about your organisation's remuneration practices. Using this sophisticated yet surprisingly simple tool, you can explore, interpret and formulate insights on important human capital decisions and investments.

Survey Schedule

Country Questionnaire Distribution Date Participation Deadline Results Publication
Argentina 1-Mar-21 7-May-21 14-Oct-21
Argentina (Q4) 1-Oct-21 1-Nov-21 21-Dec-21
Brazil 1-Mar-21 7-May-21 14-Oct-21
Bulgaria 1-Apr-21 11-Jun-21 24-Sep-21
Chile 1-Mar-21 7-May-21 14-Oct-21
Czech Republic 1-Mar-21 13-May-21 published every other year
Egypt 1-Mar-21 22-Jun-21 20-Oct-21
France 1-Mar-21 10-Jun-21 12-Oct-21
Germany 1-Mar-21 24-May-21 4-Oct-21
Greece 1-Mar-21 31-May-21 10-Sep-21
Hungary 1-Apr-21 4-Jun-21 27-Sep-21
India 5-May-21 3-Aug-21 5-Nov-21
Indonesia 1-Apr-21 8-Jun-21 8-Nov-21
Italy 1-Mar-21 8-Jun-21 21-Oct-21
Kenya 1-Apr-21 6-Jul-21 18-Oct-21
Mexico 1-Mar-21 7-May-21 14-Oct-21
Morocco 1-Mar-21 8-Jun-21 10-Sep-21
Netherlands 1-Mar-21 28-May-21 5-Oct-21
Philippines 1-Apr-21 11-Jun-21 8-Nov-21
Poland 1-Mar-21 7-May-21 6-Oct-21
Romania 1-Apr-21 24-May-21 24-Sep-21
Russia 1-Mar-21 21-May-21 14-Sep-21
South Africa 1-Mar-21 1-Jun-21 29-Sep-21
Spain 1-Mar-21 24-Jun-21 25-Oct-21
Switzerland 1-Mar-21 18-May-21 published every other year
Thailand 1-Apr-21 8-Jun-21 8-Nov-21
Turkey 1-Mar-21 30-July-21 27-Oct-21
Ukraine 1-Apr-21 31-May-21 18-Oct-21
United Kingdom 1-Mar-21 21-May-21 28-Sep-21

*the estimated publication date that might be a subject of a slight change


Purpose and Mission

The Agriculture (AG) HR Forum is a Mercer-facilitated network established for companies operating within or in close proximity to the agricultural industry. The purpose of the Forum is to facilitate peer interaction and the exchange of ideas and information on topics of mutual interest. The Forum focuses on practices and developments in human resources, with emphasis on compensation & benefits.

The Forum brings together Global/Regional Human Resources and/or Reward Senior Leaders from large multinationals, for in person and virtual peer to peer learning and sharing sessions.

Frequency and Location of Meetings

The Agriculture HR Forum members meet twice a year to enable member networking and exchange of ideas and discussions on issues of interest to the community. Forums are normally held in Spring and Fall, lasting two days. The Forum locations is dependent on members’ preferences and are typically held in Munich, Vienna or virtually.

Participants and Forum Members

Archer Daniel Midland (ADM)
BASF and Nunhems
Corteva DowDuPont
Enza Zaden

Israel Chemicals (ICL)
United Phosphorus Limited (UPL)

Annual Membership Fee



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  • Sub TitleProvides agriculture companies with current and comprehensive remuneration data on a selection of industry specific positions.
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  • Short DescriptionProvides agriculture companies with current and comprehensive remuneration data on a selection of industry specific positions.
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