Logistics Industry Variable Pay Practices Survey


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Key Features

Mercer’s survey provides answers to the following key questions for the Logistics industry and more:

  • How do logistics companies manage variable pay?
  • What are the most effective variable pay practices in the sector?
  • How do your company and your peers compare when it comes to variable pay practices?
  • Is there a cap on the maximum earning on the variable pay in the sector?
  • Do sector companies do anything different in terms of variable pay practices for emerging markets?

Analysis of survey findings by the following sub industry categories:

  • Courier and postal
  • Freight forwarding
  • Ports, airports and terminals
  • Warehouse, storage and handling
  • Supply chain management/Distribution


What will you receive?

There is no charge for participating. All participants will be provided with a free report summarizing survey findings. If you have not participated but still would like to receive a copy of the report please contact us.

Survey Timeline

This survey was conducted during the months of August and September 2016.

When will I receive results?

Survey findings will be sent to clients by end of October.

Contact Information

For further information about the spotlight survey, please contact:

Carey Reeve
European Industries Leader
Tel: +44 207 178 5514
Email: carey.reeve@mercer.com

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  • Short DescriptionIdentifies latest trends and practices the leading providers are using today.
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