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The 4th Industrial Revolution has arrived – and it is a game changer! The workforces of tomorrow will be operating in increasingly digitized* environments and for this new skills will be needed.

Companies which succeed in being able to attract and retain the best digital talents will have the chance to be well ahead of their peers. Through the application of workforce analytics and talent intelligence initiatives, closely linked to business objectives, companies will be able to objectively ascertain whether their workforces are ready for the future challenges that lie ahead.

With this in mind, this year Mercer’s International Strategy & Workforce Analytics Team embarked on their second annual research initiative to understand where leading companies from around the world are in this process of change.

With over 570 participants worldwide, this research study – split over 6 regional reports – provides the latest insights into:

  • How companies are using workforce intelligence and data analytics to obtain a competitive advantage over their peers
  • The talent landscape of the region(s) that your business is currently operating in/ is planning to expand into in the near future
  • The level of competition in your region for critical digital talent
  • Insights into company sentiments regarding the current and future talent landscape for key digital roles
  • Common talent sourcing strategies adopted by companies in order to procure talents with niche skills
  • The extent to which talent intelligence is applied in order to attract and retain key talent
  • What companies are doing to attract, retain, reward and assess key digital skills.
  • And much (much) more!

* The jobs included in this study are: Cyber Security Engineer, Cloud Engineer, Data Scientist, Software Developers, Hardware Engineer, IT Project Manager, Solution Architect, and Business Intelligence professionals.



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Digital Talent Trends Report

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David Osborne
Strategy & Workforce Analytics Practice co-Leader - International
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Strategy & Workforce Analytics Practice co-Leader - International
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