The Buyer’s Guide to Talent Acquisition Technology

The Buyer’s Guide to Talent Acquisition Technology

A guide to innovative recruiting and hiring solutions

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The Buyer's Guide to Talent Acquisition Technology

Today’s organisations do not face a shortage in applicants as much as the inability to locate the skilled talent they require in a timely, cost-effective fashion. Adding to this challenge, for recruiters and staffing professionals, is the plethora of technology available to assist in employment branding, sourcing talent, and managing the hiring and onboarding processes. Many provide similar, even overlapping functionality; others sound the same in their marketing materials even when they are not.

Mercer and Talent Tech Labs have collaborated on the The Buyer's Guide to Talent Acquisition Technology: A Guide to Innovative Recruiting and Hiring Solutions to help address these challenges.

This report segments over 200 talent acquisition technology providers into 25 categories resulting in a taxonomy of talent acquisition technology which portrays the primary features and distinctions of these product types and how they are most commonly positioned and sold.
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Product Details

Over 200 Talent Acquisition Technology providers across 25 categories

  • Sourcing candidates
  • Contingent sourcing
  • Non-traditional hiring technologies
  • Employer branding
  • Employer reviews
  • Candidate relationship management
  • Matching and interviewing
  • Recommendations and references
  • Candidate assessment
  • Applicant tracking systems
  • Vendor and freelancer management systems
  • College hiring
This report represents a snapshot in time for a rapidly changing technological environment. The report highlights a subset of those companies that may prove innovative and influential in the future with the intent of lending clarity to this very dynamic and essential business functionality.


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The Buyer’s Guide to Talent Acquisition Technology


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