North America Mining Industry Survey Suite

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COR33 "Director, Compensation"
COR52 "Director, Corporate Communications"
COR07 "Director, Human Resources"
COR18 "Director, Internal Audit"
COR27 "Director, Investor Relations"
COR50 "Director, Marketing"
COR43 "Director, Metallurgy"
COR45 "Director, Mine Engineering"
COR67 "Director, Safety, Health & Environmental"
COR42 "Director, Technical Services"
COR65 "Manager, Corporate Communications"
COR38 "Manager, Corporate Development"
COR58 "Manager, Corporate Social Responsibility"
COR32 "Manager, Human Resources"
COR66 "Manager, Internal Audit"
COR28 "Manager, Investor Relations"
COR44 "Manager, Metallurgy"
COR71 "Manager, Technical Services"
EXE10 "Vice-President, Corporate Development"
EXE21 "Vice-President, Corporate Social Responsibility"
EXE09 "Vice-President, Engineering"
EXE14 "Vice-President, Environmental"
EXE07 "Vice-President, Exploration"
EXE05 "Vice-President, Finance"
EXE20 "Vice-President, Government Relations"
EXE08 "Vice-President, Human Resources"
EXE13 "Vice-President, Investor Relations"
EXE12 "Vice-President, Legal"
EXE11 "Vice-President, Marketing"
EXE06 "Vice-President, Operations"
EXE15 "Vice-President, Project Development"
EXE16 "Vice-President, Safety, Health & Environmental"
EXE18 "Vice-President, Technical Services"
EXE17 "Vice-President, Treasurer"
COR61 Accountant - Entry
COR60 Accountant - Experienced
COR59 Accountant - Senior
SITE48 Accountant/Accounting Supervisor
COR62 Accounting Clerk - Intermediate
COR22 Accounting Manager-Cost Accounting/Budgeting
COR20 Accounting Manager-Financial Reporting
COR36 Accounting Manager-International Taxation
COR37 Accounting Manager-Taxation
COR21 Accounting Manager-Treasury/Risk
SITE51 Accounts Payable Clerk
COR29 Admin Assistant to CEO
SITE07 Admin Assistant to Department Head
SITE06 Admin Assistant to General Manager/Mine Manager
COR30 Admin Assistant to Vice-President
COR31 Business Process Improvement Specialist
SITE40 Buyer
SITE46 Chief Accountant/Site Controller
SITE67 Chief Assayer
SITE12 Chief Engineer
EXE04 Chief Financial Officer (C.F.O.)
EX02 Chief Geophysicist
EXE19 Chief Information Officer (C.I.O.)
SITE26 Chief Metallurgist
SITE17 Chief Mine Geologist
EXE03 Chief Operating Officer (C.O.O.)
SITE39 Chief Purchasing Agent/Senior Buyer
SITE20 Chief Surveyor
COR53 Corporate Communications Advisor
COR15 Corporate Controller
COR01 Corporate Environmental Director
COR35 Corporate Secretary
COR16 Corporate Treasurer
COR39 Corporate/Business Development Analyst
COR14 Database Administrator
COR06 Development/Project Manager
COR08 Director/Manager Information Systems
COR05 Director-Project Development I
COR04 Director-Project Development II
COR03 Director-Project Development III
EX04 District Geologist
COR64 Environmental Engineer
COR02 Environmental Manager
SITE54 Environmental Officer
EX06 Field Geologist
COR40 Financial Analyst
COR41 Financial and Budgeting Analyst
SITE57 First Aid Attendant (Shift)
SITE35 Foreman Maintenance (Mine or Plant)
SITE25 Foreman Plant/Mill Operations
SITE11 Foreman-Mining Operations
SITE34 General Foreman Maintenance (Mine or Plant)
SITE24 General Foreman Plant/Mill Operations
SITE09 General Foreman/Mine Captain
SITE00 General Manager
EX10 Geophysicist
EX12 GIS Technician
EX15 Global Exploration Manager
COR54 Government Relations Director
COR34 Human Resources Administrator
SITE45 Human Resources Supervisor
COR57 Indigenous Affairs Manager
SITE44 Industrial Relations Supervisor
SITE42 Inventory Analyst
SITE49 Junior Accountant
SITE15 Junior Mine Engineer
SITE32 Laboratory Supervisor
EX11 Land Manager
COR17 Legal Counsel/Corporate Secretary
SITE37 Maintenance Planner
SITE02 Manager Administration
SITE43 Manager Human Resources
COR68 Manager IT Operations & Support
SITE05 Manager Maintenance
SITE38 Manager Materials
SITE03 Manager Mining Operations
SITE04 Manager Plant/Mill Operations
COR11 Manager/Supervisor Applications & Systems Development
COR09 Manager/Supervisor Computer Operations
SITE28 Metallurgist/Process Engineer
SITE63 Mill Operations Trainer
SITE14 Mine Engineer
SITE18 Mine Geologist
SITE01 Mine Manager
SITE62 Mine Operations Trainer
COR12 Network and Desktop Support Technician
SITE16 New Graduate Engineer - Mine - Undergraduate Degree
SITE29 New Graduate Engineer - Plant - Undergraduate Degree
SITE19 New Graduate Geologist - Undergraduate Degree
COR47 Office Manager
COR49 Paralegal
SITE50 Payroll Supervisor
SITE64 Power/Steam Engineer - 2nd Class
SITE65 Power/Steam Engineer - 3rd Class
SITE66 Power/Steam Engineer - 4th Class
EXE01 President/Chief Executive Officer
EX07 Principal Geophysicist
COR56 Project Controls Manager
COR63 Project Engineer - Experienced
EX05 Project Geologist
EX09 Project Geophysicist
COR48 Receptionist
EX03 Regional Exploration/Geology Manager
COR46 Resource Geologist
SITE56 Safety and First Aid Officer
SITE55 Safety/Loss Control Supervisor
COR23 Sales and Marketing Manager
SITE47 Senior Accountant
SITE10 Senior Foreman
COR19 Senior Internal Auditor
SITE36 Senior Maintenance Planner/Planning Foreman
SITE13 Senior Mine Engineer
SITE27 Senior Process Engineer
EX08 Senior Project Geophysicist
COR13 Senior Systems Analyst/Applications Specialist
SITE21 Senior Technologist - Mine
SITE30 Senior Technologist - Plant
SITE52 Site Systems Administrator
COR51 Social Responsibility Co-ordinator
SITE53 Superintendent Environmental Services
SITE33 Superintendent Maintenance (Mine or Plant)
SITE08 Superintendent Mining Operations
SITE23 Superintendent Plant/Mill Operations
COR55 Supply Chain Director
COR70 Technical Support Analyst
COR69 Technical Support Specialist
SITE22 Technologist - Mine
SITE31 Technologist - Plant
SITE41 Warehouse Foreman

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