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US Retail Compensation and Benefits

10020 - Top Group Executive - Retail

This position is the chief executive or president of a group. The employee is responsible for the direction, management, and performance of a group which functions as a profit center. The group for which the executive is responsible must consist of multiple divisions. This position typically supervises both sales and marketing and operations, and may have responsibility for group accounting, purchasing, personnel, engineering, and/or financial functions. Frequently reports to the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of either a Subsidiary or Corporate organization. Note: Reporting entity is a Group. This is generally a single incumbent position. Only one employee, the most senior individual, per organization entity should be reported. For purposes of this survey, a group is an independent business unit consisting of multiple profit centers or divisions. The group is held accountable to a corporate entity similar to a subsidiary. The difference between the group organization type and subsidiary organization type is that the group is not legally chartered and does not have a board of directors.