Turnover surveys

Is all turnover bad? How much is too much?

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Understanding turnover rate norms and where your organization’s metrics may not align to your labor market competitors is critical in today’s talent climate. Remember, not all turnover is bad, using a data driven approach will help you prioritize areas of your talent strategy that may need improvement.

Mercer’s turnover products will provide you with data on voluntary turnover, involuntary turnover, and retirement turnover statistics, allowing you to compare your organization against your labor market competitors. Benchmark your talent strategy against all organizations or narrow the data by location and other key factors.

Canada Turnover Data

The Canada Mercer Turnover Survey features data from 70 organizations across Canada to help your company with this essential aspect of human resources management.

Turnover Around the World

Be proactive with your talent retention and workforce planning efforts and explore information regarding voluntary and involuntary turnover across six career levels for over 100 markets.