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Design and execute effective rewards strategies with robust data

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Reevaluating rewards strategies is a priority for many companies as they look to secure critical talent, identify equity issues, and make smart investments with limited salary budgets. As your organization looks to rehire, understanding current market pay will be important, especially for in-demand roles.

General industry salary surveys provide data on positions across a wide variety of industries, allowing you to benchmark jobs that are not exclusively tied to just one sector of work, such as human resources and accounting functions. With Mercer’s robust data, ensure your rewards strategies align with the go-forward market state.

Compensation Planning Survey

Keep a pulse on relevant compensation planning topics, with insights – from actual salary increases to projected pay increases and incentives – that give you quick answers to your compensation planning needs.

Mercer QuickPulseTM Survey

Refining your total rewards strategy and securing employees today requires maintaining a pulse on what’s happening outside your organization. This survey series provides you quick insights on today’s trending topics.

Contact Center & Customer Service Compensation Survey

In an increasingly digital world, listening with empathy has never been more crucial. Develop a salary strategy that attracts and retains the top customer service talent you need to represent your evolving company and deliver an impactful customer experience.

Understand how your organizational and team leaders compare to the market for base pay, short- and long-term incentives, and more with this comprehensive dataset that spans more than 900 positions.

Geographic Salary Differential Tool

With remote work on the rise, are you overpaying workers when they move from high cost-of-living cities to new regions? How about new hires? With the talent pool now expanded to multiple regions, it is important to get pay right in all locations. Create a consistent and efficient market pricing strategy with this tool that provides pay differentials for 117 Canadian cities.


Get the salary benchmarking data you need at your fingertips with this self-service, online job pricing tool. Sourced from Mercer’s Total Remuneration Surveys, market price the same job in multiple countries with ease.

MBD: Mercer Benchmark Database

Learn what to pay across your company’s skill levels and career streams with the premier source for company-reported salary data. Get pay, incentive, and total direct compensation for over 8,600 reported positions.

MBD: Long-term Incentive and Equity Report

Ensure your long-term incentive (LTI) program is designed to reward your key talent and drive performance to meet your company’s strategic objectives and maximize shareholder value. Featuring data across 14 industries, evaluate your LTI approach to the market.

MBD: Short-term Incentive Report

Many employers have made, or are making, the shift to rewarding for performance using incentives (bonuses), rather than merit increases to base pay. From total cash compensation to short-term target percentages, use this data from the Mercer Benchmark Database to attract and keep a productive workforce.

New Graduate and Generation Z Compensation Survey

Whether you are hiring new graduates or figuring out perks that Generation Z finds the most valuable, recruitment and retention can be challenging. Data across nine degree types and 15 discipline types give you valuable insights into the top recruitment and compensation trends for the next wave of talent entering the workforce.