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Professionals acknowledge that the benefits offered by organizations represent a significant difference between compensation packages. In order to differentiate one company’s benefits policies from others, organizations must first understand how they are currently positioned against their competitors and ensure that their policies meet the statutory minimum.

Mercer’s qualitative benchmarking services combine Mercer’s extensive survey data source and global expertise to help organizations understand how their benefits plans stack up against their specific peer companies’, and against plans in their industries or markets.

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The qualitative benchmarking analysis provides a view of how competitive the various categories of benefits are in your organization. This enables your organization to utilize objective, quantifiable and consistent data to assess and build market-competitive benefit policies for your talent.

Our report includes:

  • Prevalence of benefits polices by country and industry
  • Quantum of each benefit component by percentile
  • Breakdown of benefit by employee group – top management, management, professional, staff and direct labor
  • Plan Design - Eligibility criteria, scope and limits of coverage

Product Details

Our Solution:

The Benefit Benchmarking Report provides the diagnostics to determine if clients have opportunities to save money or reduce retention risks due to substandard policies.

The report will help you to:

  • Ensure that policies are in line with or above statutory requirement
  • Understand how your benefits are positioned against the market (either all industries or against a specific peer cut)
  • Determine whether you are providing consistent benefits across your organization, that is, across different operating divisions, subsidiaries or companies in an M&A transaction

Depending on your organization’s preference, the format and scope of the deliverables can be customized to suit your needs. Benefits are presented side by side, allowing a straightforward comparison of benefits practices and gauge of the overall attractiveness of benefits.

Benefits Prevalence Report

Shows at a glance how plan features compare to the market

Summary of Plan Features

Reports side-by-side details on each plan provision collected

Custom Cuts

Choose to compare to the general market or a specific peer group

Asia Pacific Surveyed Benefits

  • Retirement plans
  • Health & Insurance
  • Vehicle policies
  • Allowances and perquisites
  • Leave policies
  • Working arrangements
  • Flexible benefits
  • Travel benefits
Sample Qualitative Assessment

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