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Did you know that India is evolving as one of the most popular destinations for Engineering Research and Design, hosting R&D centres of 200 of the G500 firms — YoY growth of 11%. The ER&D activity spans multiple domains like Aerospace, Automotive, Infrastructure, Industrial Automation and Engineering Services. Certain niche skills command a premium over the other basic design skills.

Mercer India's Engineering and Design Services surveys is a survey which focusses on the R&D / Design sub-families, with further granular bifurcation into sub-families like Mechanical Design, Structural Design, Electrical Design and Computational Fluid Dynamics among others. A few of the key players in technical design space from the automotive, aerospace, infrastructure, industrial automation and engineering services domains, who choose to subscribe to this survey and are our clients are General Motors, Chrysler, Renault Nissan, Volvo, Ford, Textron, Safran, Bosch, Moog, UTC, Philips, GE, Cyient, Hyundai, Altran, Altair, Timken, Schneider, Honeywell etc.

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Mercer-HRBS has been conducting the Construction Pay Survey for Hong Kong since 2014. With the participation of 10 leading industry players in Hong Kong, HRBS Construction Pay Survey is unquestionably the exclusive data source for construction companies in the region.

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