How to simplify your search for HR data

June 18, 2018

Thanks to modern digital technology and the constant refinement of today's survey methodologies, HR departments across the globe have the ability to access virtually all the data they could ever need for managing their workforce rewards programs. From general market compensation trends to identifying specific policies and perks in various countries or regions, retrieving the exact HR data your business requires is very much a reality.

However, with all the data vendors, buying options, segments, and packaging and delivery possibilities, shopping for the best possible data purchase for your specific needs has become more challenging than ever. Often, the onus is on the user to not only learn where to access these products, but also to understand how they are categorized or structured on the frontend of a website.

Luckily, Mercer recently introduced Product Picker, a new tool to help alleviate the burden of endlessly searching online for HR data. Here, we'll detail some of the many ways that the user-friendly Product Picker has made life easier for HR professionals. You'll also gain some general data shopping tips to help you quickly obtain the exact insights your company needs to make key business decisions.

Benefits of Using Product Picker

Mercer's Product Picker is a simplified 3-step shopping tool that allows users to quickly filter through various data products via an intuitive interface and a short series of questions, all while generating (in real time) a full list of products that match the criteria you have selected. With this innovative tool:

Mercer's Product Picker is a simplified 3-step shopping tool that allows users to quickly filter through data products via an intuitive interface and a short series of questions.

  • Find exactly what you need. Avoid tireless searches or scouring product details to determine if the exact data segment you need is included in a purchase. Product Picker helps users identify the top level purpose of the data, then further guides you through the process of filtering it down so you can see precisely what's available, what is and isn't included, and what forms of delivery are available.
  • Discover complimentary products. With ever-changing data products, you may not always realize what's available to meet your unique business goals within a focused industry or market. Whether it's a newly released survey or a specialized summary report that combines relevant data across multiple products, you might be surprised to find the depth of helpful information out there when using Product Picker.
  • Save money by avoiding over purchasing. Data is only useful if you actually use it, so why buy something if you only intend to use a small portion of it? In many instances, the data you seek might be offered as a smaller subset of a much larger product. As an added bonus, Product Picker can help you identify when you've grouped together specific products or markets that qualify for multi-purchase pricing options or discounts.
  • Hone in on niche data. Criteria specifics can sometimes get buried in the multitude of product options if they're all available in the same area or spread across multiple pages. With Product Picker, whether by industry, position, or geography, you can precisely narrow down your data needs to see exactly what is available. Through a series of simplified questions and selections, you're sure to land at the narrowly focused information that you seek.
  • Save valuable time. Spend less time shopping and searching and more time executing on the things that will move your business forward, like analyzing data, benchmarking your positions, and making strategic, data-driven decisions around budgeting, recruiting, employee retention, and more.
  • Understand what's not available. Though rare, there are times when the data you seek is simply not available for purchase. Identifying these instances up front allows you to quickly identify your data gaps and then determine the best way to proceed. Whether that data is purchasable from another vendor, or if a custom-commissioned survey is the best approach, you can better understand how to obtain what you need faster.

General Tips Before Shopping

As with any shopping effort, you'll want to have a general idea of the type of data you'll need before diving in. Though Product Picker will make the process much easier, here are some of the things you should have pre-determined before you start your shopping experience:

  • Know the type of data you need. Is it related to compensation, benefits, policies, or something else? This is the typical overarching structure in which data vendors first categorize their reports, HR surveys, and products.
  • Know the geographic market. Are you looking for data specific to one country or several countries? Do you need data for specific regions within those countries? Make a list beforehand to make sure you cover all your bases when selecting your data.
  • Know the position(s). If you are seeking information on all positions, then a general industry or market-specific product might suffice. However, if you are seeking data on very specific positions, whether based on industry, position type, or level, then you'll certainly want to have your entire scope defined in advance.

Get Started Today

If you're currently exploring your data product options, the new Product Picker tool can help you discover all the possibilities. If you have questions about the tool, or simply need assistance, Mercer's friendly and highly knowledgeable customer service representatives can help you determine what products are best suited to your unique situation or direct you toward the custom surveys most pertinent to your specific needs. Access Product Picker!