Top talent is more attainable with better benefits. Let Mercer help with proven data to give your company the edge.

Top talent is more attainable with better benefits. Let Mercer help with proven data to give your company the edge.

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As the workforce evolves, so do the preferences and expectations of employees. With many employees not returning to physical workplaces in 2021, many benefits (concrete or intrinsic) that were provided to employees are being reconsidered. Evaluating your benefits to ensure they align with the new shape of work is important.

From paid time off, statutory information, and regulations, Mercer provides critical insights to support the design of a top-notch total rewards offering that will support your talent strategy.

Transportation policies

Times have changed, but the value of car and transportation benefits to your employees has not. In this report, review car policies, public transportation assistance, rewards for choosing green methods, and more.

Parental leave policies

Parental leave is now a common organizational policy that applies to birth mothers, fathers, and, in some cases, same-sex couples and adoptive parents. Ensure your policies account for the most up-to-date leave benefits provided to parents as well as ensure they meet statutory minimums.

Vacation & other leave

Help craft or enhance your leave policy with data on annual policies, including vacation days, personal days, holidays, sick leave, and paid time-off pools, as well as other leave policies, like bereavement, volunteer time, sabbaticals, and more.

Statutory & legal

As the laws and regulations governing benefits change, tracking reliable information can be difficult. Use this guide to global employee benefits to understand both the context of mandated benefits and the supplemental pieces that companies typically offer, along with legislative updates.

Social Security & Medicare

Millions of baby boomers are anticipating retirement in 2021. This prospect also brings the need for information and planning. Mercer offers easy-to-understand booklets that can provide your employees with all the information they need as they plan for their next phase of life.

Expatriate benefits

Explore how employers are designing and financing their expat benefits programs. Topics include general policies and trends, retirement benefits, medical benefits, life, disability, and more.

Portals & tools

Make smart decisions with portals and tools designed to put key data and insights at your fingertips in easy-to-use formats.

Global publications

Attract, preserve, and inspire your workforce around the world using the latest global research, insights, and tools.

Mercer also provides benefits solutions designed to support your total rewards strategy. Please contact us for more information on key benefits services available, including: