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How MNCs manage expatriate benefits

Multinationals face major difficulties when designing benefits programmes for expatriates, mainly due to the complexities of providing equitable packages across borders. Understanding how expatriate benefits programmes vary across multinational companies will help you design a benefits policy that works the best for you and your employees.

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Mercer’s global Benefits Survey for Expatriates and Internationally Mobile Employees offers a unique opportunity to identify multinational company policies and trends for providing employee benefit programmes for international assignees. The survey covers benefit programmes across regions of operation, industries, company size, revenue levels, and number of expatriates.

Topics surveyed include:

  • The latest trends in international benefit policies, and regional differences
  • Retirement benefits
  • Medical benefits
  • Risk benefits (death, disability, accident)
  • Localisation
  • Types of international assignments
  • Programme monitoring
  • Common areas of success and failure
  • General policies and trends

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