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Canadian Mercer Total Compensation Survey for the Energy Sector (MTCS) Buy Now!

Plan your organization's human resource strategy with Canada's most comprehensive source of compensation data. Ask about the 2014 Mercer Total Compensation Survey for the Energy Sector (MTCS) today!

The MTCS survey provides an inside view to compensation benchmarks in the energy marketplace; allowing you to create a competitive offering to retain and reward key talent.

The MTCS survey:

  • Ensures your organization attracts and retains the 'right' talent in 2014 and beyond.
  • Helps you fine-tune your total rewards strategy with the best energy industry compensation data.
  • Gives you access the most up-to-date intelligence, reflecting your business' core labour markets.

Receive ALL four core modules AND one additional choice module for your participation fee. Plus, you can add on additional choice or optional modules if you wish.

Core Modules + Choice Optional

MTCS features consistent national and global job codes and career maps across all functions.

Each participant is eligible to take part in the MTCS Fall Survey Update. This October update assists participants with their compensation planning for the following year. All participants of the Fall Survey Update receive a complimentary copy of the results.

The MTCS is available for purchase by participants only.

Click here to view the US MTCS and to register for US events.

MTCS PayMonitor Training Sessions
Survey results are delivered via PayMonitor, a powerful, leading-edge analytical tool. Attend a complimentary online training session and learn how to get the most out of your survey results. Click on Events/Training to register.

Survey Results Meeting
This meeting is conducted after the survey results are released. It is intended to provide you with insight into the current compensation market in the energy sector, analysing key survey findings and trends.

2014 Survey Stats

  • # Positions: 628

  • # Organizations: 206

  • # Incumbents: 148,000


Core Modules*

General Benchmark
Shared-services functions such as HR, accounting and IT, as well as other general industry benchmarks in administration, procurement/purchasing and finance are included in this module.

This module includes core jobs in upstream, midstream, downstream and utilities environments such as engineers, joint ventures representatives, geologists and geophysicists, health, safety, and enviromental positions and technician/technologist roles.

Each participant receives a detailed corporate policy report, which summarizes the key policies of our participants in such areas as compensation practices, long-term incentives, staffing practices, training and development and more.

Benefits plan prevalence, including benefits and retirement plans, for office employees. The MTCS Benefits survey is conducted in even-numbered years only and provides you with comprehensive information on pension and benefit plans to assist in the refinement of human resource strategies to better attract, motivate and retain staff. The Benefits module is mandatory to participate in MTCS. Please click here to complete this module.

Choice Modules

Includes the exploration, production, and transportation of oil & gas materials prior to the refining process. Functional executive, managerial and professional roles, as well as managerial roles in a "field" environment are included. Examples of jobs in this module include top land executives, exploration and production executives and managers.

Downstream and Oilfield Services
Includes professional, managerial and executive roles specific to the downstream sector, and oilfield services. It also covers the technical and non-technical sales roles that are common to both segments. Examples of jobs in this module include refinery managers and executives, product plus category managers, and field service supervisors.

This module includes roles unique to the utilities sector, including utility specific executive roles and transmission and distribution roles on the ground. Examples are utilities executives, rate analysts, service dispatchers, and energy programs representatives.

Optional Modules

Field/Hourly Module - PayMonitor
Includes compensation data for non-managerial positions in non-corporate/office environments such as oil fields, plants, refineries, terminals, or along pipelines. Examples of benchmarks in this module include maintenance/trades positions, plant operators, field operators, equipment operators, and laboratory/chemical technicians.

Field/Hourly Module - Full-Disclosure
Includes a fully-disclosed spreadsheet for non-managerial positions in non-corporate/office environments such as oil fields, plants, refineries, terminals, or along pipelines. Examples of benchmarks in this module include maintenance/trades positions, plant operators, field operators, equipment operators, and laboratory/chemical technicians. Participation in this module is restricted to companies with field sites and who authorize full disclosure of their submission data.

Field Site Policy Module
Gain access to policy data for Field employees at the site level. This report summarizes the key policies of participants in such areas as joint councils and employee associations, living and other types of allowances, overtime, breaks, change of work policies, call-out policies, shift rotations and premiums, and much more. The Field Site Policy Module contains policies for the sample as a whole, as well as "cuts" of the report for each of 7 pre-defined geographic zones including the Oil Sands in and around Fort McMurray.

* Mandatory Participation required in these modules

Eligible Sectors

Exploration & production

Terminal operations/storage

Off shore Platforms

Energy mining

Oil field servicing

Energy-related government entities and regulators


Power utilities


Gas utilities


Engineering, Procurement, and Construction


Integrated oil and gas


The 2013 MTCS results will be delivered via Mercer PayMonitor®.

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