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Mercer Employee Benefits Database

Offering the right benefits package is a major factor in attracting and retaining the best employees. However, to achieve this you need to know what the 'right' benefit package is, taking into consideration current industry practice and competitor activity.

Consider these questions...

  • Is your company’s benefit package correctly positioned in your marketplace?

  • Do you know how the value of each item in your benefits package compares with those offered by your competitors?

  • Are you able to assess the competitiveness of the total value of your benefits package in relation to your competitors?

  • If you were considering making changes to your benefits programme, could you easily identify the effect of a proposed change on the value of your provisions to your employees?

...obtain the right solution

Members of MercerEmployee Benefits Database are able to address these issues more effectively, as the data and analyses allow them to:

  • understand current practices,

  • anticipate trends in the marketplace, and

  • identify the most appropriate benefits package for their particular circumstances.

What the database covers

Mercer’s Employee Benefits Database is a unique and comprehensive database containing detailed benefits information provided by hundreds of UK employers. It provides members with the means to survey the marketplace quickly and cost-effectively, with ready access to reliable data based on employee classification, business sector, geographical location, company size or any combination of these. Alternatively, members may select their own comparison group.

Any, or all of the following may be included:
  • Company cars

  • Flexible benefits practice

  • Holidays/leave

  • Life assurance

  • Medical and dental plans

  • Pensions

  • Share schemes

  • Short-term and long-term sickness

How to join Mercer’s Employee Benefits Database

Participating in Mercer’s Employee Benefits Database is simple and free. Initially we ask you to complete a questionnaire recording your company’s benefits provisions. Where appropriate we can also extract information from existing plan scheme booklets and/or other employee communications materials on your behalf.

All participant information is treated with the strictest confidence.

For further information on joining Mercer’s Employee Benefits database, please contact us by email.

As a database member you receive:

  • a consolidated summary of your organisation’s own benefits arrangements, brought together in a single document, and

  • an annual ‘Highlights Report’, which includes insightful analysis of the overall market and current practice trends.

In addition, database members gain access to a range of analytical services, designed to help ensure that their benefit packages remain competitive. Such services are conducted at a member’s request and fees do apply.

These include:

  • Market information - answering questions on benefits practice such as “What is the typical benefits provision in a particular sector?”

  • Peer group comparisons - a ‘side-by-side’ comparison to help you to understand how your organisation’s benefits compare with those offered by your peers or competitors.

  • Relative value analyses - to help you quantify the financial value of your benefits, from your employees’ perspective.

  • Total remuneration evaluation - enables you to evaluate total reward packages - considering pay and benefits together.

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