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TRS Total Remuneration Surveys

Providing YOU a competitive edge with worldwide total remuneration data and services

Mercer Total Remuneration Membership Program enhances the value of the information services that we provide to clients. Being a member enables you to enjoy the benefits of a personal and privileged relationship that allows us to respond more effectively to your needs and ensures that you have quick and easy access to Mercer's total remuneration data and services around the world. The membership provides value to organizations through the global coordination of services, consistency of methodologies and jobs, and opportunities to network with peer organizations:
  • Access the largest and highest quality total remuneration HR market data globally with special pricing arrangements.
  • Move away from typical "vendor relationships" and enjoy the benefits of a true partnership with your information supplier.
  • Global administration and coordination of participation, invoicing, and delivery.
  • A dedicated client relationship manager to act as one point of contact, plus local contacts where desired.
  • Attendance at annual meetings with an opportunity to network with colleagues addressing similar issues.
  • Webcast "refresher courses" on Mercer WIN® — an online data analysis tool.


  • Sign a service specification form outlining participation requirements AND
  • Purchase two or more countries AND
  • Spend >20K per year or sign-up for multiple years with no minimum spend.

Select the option that best fits your needs

You may opt to have complete access to the entire global database or choose a flexible package based on the countries where you need total remuneration information.

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Besides general market TRS, Mercer also conducts industry surveys. These industry surveys provide comparative information on pay and benefits for executives, management, professionals and paraprofessionals in different technical, commercial and support functions unique to that industry. Industry coverage includes chemical, construction and engineering, consumer, energy, financial services, high-tech, life sciences, legal, and pharmaceutical.

For more information on which industry surveys are available in your market, contact your local Mercer representative.

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Did you know that MERG can be part of your TRS Membership programme?

  • MERG provide the market data and analytical tools to support executive remuneration programmes for leading organisations in Europe.
  • MERG cover all aspects of total remuneration for 40 benchmark top executive positions at the executive board and the next two reporting levels.
  • The guides provide consistent and accurate market data, covering the full reward package, including all forms of cash remuneration, long-term incentives and benefits. The surveys are available in 12 markets across Europe, including Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland and United Kingdom.

Choose access to a flexible package based on countries where you need executive data and include it to your TRS membership programme.

 Read more about Mercer Executive Remuneration Guide (MERG)
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