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Mercer WIN | ePRISM is a comprehensive compensation management, modeling and planning tool that enables you to align your organization’s compensation plans with current and future objectives. By combining compensation-specific tools with powerful analytics, Mercer WIN | ePRISM gives you the power to evaluate data, develop strategies and execute compensation programs with confidence.

  • Identify and address at-risk areas such as below market, high performing employees
  • Deliver consistent, reliable responses to management requests
  • Consult with managers on hiring and pay decisions with timely, value-added data
  • Focus on strategic issues that impact the bottom line
  • Optimize staff resources and streamline processes
  • Develop a more responsible and effective pay plan implementation

Market Analysis

Easily compile global survey providers, benchmark positions, identify high-potential employee issues and integrate job evaluation results.

  • Compile a library with data from all your survey providers
  • Stay in-tune with the market by matching survey jobs to internal jobs
  • Identify and address at-risk areas such as below market and high-performing employees
  • Easily participate in surveys based on matches maintained in the system
  • Be proactive with your market pay strategies

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Reporting and Analysis

View your results graphically, share reports/charts/diagrams internally, and export data into internal reporting tools.

  • View your competitive position, compensation spend, performance, or any other metrics graphically
  • Share results with reports containing easy-to-understand charts and diagrams
  • Develop and review detailed analyses of your compensation programs for decision making and business planning

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Pay Structures

Easily design and develop your structures online, model the cost impact, and easily maintain them going forward. Once they are designed, use the querying and reporting tools to analyze results and make appropriate structure adjustments.

  • Design and develop multiple-entity structures
  • Evaluate pay philosophies against pay practices
  • Assess impact of current and proposed structures
  • Calculate salary and range adjustments for business planning

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Salary Planning

Respond quickly by seeing anticipated pay plan changes before they happen. Analyze employees by geography, business or level.

  • Manage costs with informed pay plan strategy decisions
  • Rapidly examine the impact of budget increases and market place changes
  • Deliver up-to-date results to line managers for hiring and pay decisions
  • Model impact of management and structure driven changes

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Asia Technical Support: 65 6398 2625 or Product Information: 65 6398 2800
Australia/NZ 1800 645 186 (Sydney) +61 2 8864 6800 (International) / 0508 645 186 (Auckland) +64 9 984 3500 (International)
Canada 1-800-333-3070
China +86 10 6533 4300
Europe 48 22 434 5383 (Warsaw)
Latin America 54 11 4000 4081 (Argentina)
United States Customer Service: 1-800-333-3070 or 1-502-560-8290 Software Helpdesk: 1-800-866-7474 or 1-502-561-8995