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Global HRMonitor: Benefits and Functionality Overview

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Mercer's Global HRMonitor is a single-source, web-based application designed to support you in all aspects of managing your expatriate employees worldwide. The reports and built-in calculators let you customise the information and optimise the investment in your international assignments.

  • Automate home country balance sheet calculations including estimated gross up in the host location
  • Address expatriate cost of living differential issues
  • Determine housing allowances
  • Determine daily allowances for short-term assignments
  • Address quality of living differences and determine hardship allowances
  • Assess tax impact
  • Know global statutory benefits and employment conditions
  • Familiarise yourself with your host countries
  • Compare packages with local salaries and benefits
  • Review key economic indicators

Automate Home Country Balance Sheet Calculations

HR managers recognise the details and time involved in building home country balance sheet calculations. Mercer's Global HRMonitor expatriate compensation calculator simplifies this process, performing all the research and calculations automatically. It produces a comprehensive, transparent report that not only creates a compensation package but details each step of the process, enabling you to make adjustments.

Expatriate Compensation Calculator
By integrating all the calculators in Global HRMonitor into one, the Expatriate Compensation Calculator enables you to automate your balance sheet calculations, providing you with the flexibility to accommodate your organisation's individual needs, enabling you to modify the standard options, such as type of cost-of-living index, spendable income and hardship allowance determinations used and also to add special premiums or allowances as required.

Automating your expatriate compensation calculations
Supported by Mercer GHRM data and calculators, the expatriate compensation calculator offers:

  • Gross to net – including related taxes and social security charges
  • Cost of living allowance – allowing you to select the appropriate spendable income and cost of living index
  • Housing allowance – based on expatriate accommodation costs and home housing norms
  • Quality of living allowance – based on quality of living index and recommended allowance percentage mobility premiums
  • Include other allowances and benefits
  • Total net host country pay – calculated with and without expatriation premiums, and other user-defined allowances
  • Gross-up of the net host country pay – calculating estimated host country taxes, including home or host country social security contribution
  • Save your calculation inputs for easy retrieval and update

A detailed balance sheet report is provided including all assumptions and the detailed report of the data used for the calculation.

Address Expatriate Cost of Living Differentials

Mercer's Cost of Living Reports provide the background information you need to determine and communicate consistent and fair compensation packages for over 300 cities around the world. The reports include a city-to-city index comparison, housing and education costs, a business travel expense table and a complete price breakdown.

  • Cost-of-Living Index Calculator is entirely flexible, allowing you to adjust your cost of living indices for exchange rate, inflation and products unavailable in the host location, while also allowing you to customise the index components and access the actual price list supporting the index.
  • Cost-of-Living Allowance Calculator calculates the actual cost of living allowance (COLA) based on your employees' base salary, family size and spendable income.
  • Spendable Income, Home Housing Norm and Savings Calculator, based on studied consumption patterns by country, identifies those components of spending that need to be compensated, allowing for differentiation based on family size and income level. The result is a more accurate spendable income estimate and home housing norm for developing expatriate compensation packages.
  • International Spendable Income Calculator allows you to build up and define your own company benchmark spendable income levels and compare your result with the base/home country spendable income level.
  • Expatriate Accommodation Costs Calculator provides monthly rental costs by number of bedrooms and family size, based on your employee's income. A new "create your own" calculation tool enables even more flexibility in defining your costs according to your company policy.

Determine Daily Allowances for
Short-Term Assignments

Mercer has developed categories of expenses to help determine a daily allowance for employees temporarily transferred abroad as single status and on a short-term status. The categories include:

  • Food
  • Laundry/dry cleaning
  • Personal Care
  • Hotel room or furnished accommodation
  • Entertainment
  • Transportation
  • Telephone

Mercer's Short-Term Assignment Allowance Calculator helps you determine a daily allowance for employees on short-term assignments. It allows you to adjust Mercer's standard basket by adding, removing and changing the frequency and quantity of items in the basket to meet your own specific needs. Adjusted baskets can be saved to ensure a consistent approach to the way your short-term allowance is calculated.

Address Quality of Living Differences
and Determine Hardship Allowances

Mercer's Quality of Living Reports help you to determine competitive hardship allowances, based on quality-of-living differentials for transfers to over 420 locations worldwide.

The GHRM Quality of Living Index Calculator provides you with a final quality of living index and Mercer's recommended allowance, as well as a detailed breakdown of all the elements taken into account.

Assess Tax Impact

Mercer's Tax Reports are an authoritative guide on hypothetical tax requirements and social charges, helping you to determine the impact of tax differentials between country transfers.

The GHRM Hypothetical Tax Calculator provides approximate gross-to-net and net-to-gross calculations for over 80 countries. Just select your employee's family size and base salary to obtain the tax breakdown for your selected country. In countries where this is relevant, Mercer offers two tax files and calculations: one for local employees and one for expatriates.

Understanding Global
Statutory Benefit
and Employment Conditions

Wherever you have operations, you need reliable information on employment conditions and statutory employee benefits. Keeping track of the continual changes in laws and regulations around the world is time-consuming and expensive. With extensive data supported by detailed analyses, Mercer's Worldwide Benefit and Employment Guidelines are the definitive industry reference on mandatory benefit practices and statutory provisions in 64 countries.

The GHRM Employment Conditions Comparator compares employment contracts and statutory provisions.

The Statutory Benefits Calculator compares statutory benefits and contributions required between countries.

Compare Local Salaries and Benefits

Based on actual market information from the comprehensive Mercer Total Remuneration Survey database, our compensation and benefits information provides you with extensive local information, allowing you to gauge how your expatriate packages compare with local salaries among other leading organisations.

Familiarize Yourself with Host Countries

MercerPassport is the next generation of our trusted employee mobility guides. This web-based platform is a valuable source for:

  • Expatriates wanting to know more about their new host country
  • Business travellers and those working in the international environment

Mercer's start guides are also found on MercerPassport. They comprise the key components of employee mobility guides and cover up-and-coming locations in Asia, the Middle East and Africa. Now encompassing more than 100 destinations, each report on MercerPassport contains reliable, in-depth information on the culture, logistics and resources of that country. In addition to presenting the fundamentals of foreign living, MercerPassport provides insights into the costs and availability of essential goods and services in the host country.

Reviewing Key Economic Indicators

The Mercer worldwide exchange rates and inflation calculator allows you to monitor and compare economic fluctuations for 149 currencies.

Customising and Exporting Results

All calculations are flexible and allow you to customise parameters used in calculations. An easy-to-use preference manager function allows you to choose and control the options available to other users within your organisation. All calculation results in Global HRMonitor can be saved in PDF or Excel formats.

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