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Asia Pacific Monitor Membership Entitles You to a Broad Range of Benefits And The Flexibility To Choose The Entitlements You Need.

Asia Pacific Monitor is a unique membership program created especially for organizations managing multiple offices in the Asia Pacific region. The information provided by this membership is extremely useful for human resource professionals who are required to perform their regional responsibilities with accuracy and confidence.

The majority of information provided in this membership will cover these countries in the region:

  • Australia
  • China
  • Hong Kong
  • India
  • Indonesia
  • Japan
  • Malaysia
  • New Zealand
  • Pakistan (new)
  • Philippines
  • Singapore
  • South Korea
  • Taiwan
  • Thailand
  • Vietnam

An annual subscription will provide you with a range of service options, and you will have the flexibility to choose the specific products and services that best suits your organization’s specific requirements.


1 year membership at USD 8,500
(Receive credit value of USD 30,000, USD 1 = 1 credit value)
Standard Entitlements Credit value of USD 8,460
Elective Entitlements Use your credit value of USD 21,540 to select the elective entitlements that best meets your organization's needs.**
Members' Privilege Price 10% off additional purchases ** on top of standard and elective entitlements.

Standard Entitlements

Members-only Website

All the information is available online for members through a website accessible by members only.

Meetings, Conferences and Networking

1. Members’ Meeting

Members’ meetings are held each quarter in Singapore, Australia and Hong Kong. Gain valuable insights from the topical presentations by guest speakers, discuss trends and emerging issues, and networks with your peers.

2. Asia Pacific Member Conference

Complimentary attendance for one delegate at Asia’s premier HR conference. Held in different cities each year, it is a comprehensive 2 day event dedicated to addressing current HR issues in Asia Pacific and global HR trends. Various Mercer and guest speakers are featured at this event.

Strategic HR & Economic Insights

Asia Pacific Monitor Bulletin (online access)
An economic market and labor issues update provided each quarter gives you up-to-date information on GDP, inflation rate and average salary increases for 14 countries across the Asia Pacific region. The information spans across all industries with particular mention on these industries: chemical, consumer goods, hi-tech and pharmaceutical & healthcare industries.
HR Atlas Asia Pacific (online access)
Regional atlases of “must have” data to inform your HR decisions. This annual handbook is packed with essential information, broken into six main categories and presented for all countries within the region.

Elective Entitlements


a. Market Value Services (MVS) / Job Pricing

Take advantage of Mercer’s vast database of information. Job pricing services are available for both local and expatriate positions. For local position reports, components of the Annual Compensation Package or Annual Total Remuneration are provided from Mercer’s Total Remuneration Surveys. The balance sheet approach is used for expatriate compensation calculation.

b. Global HR Factbook

Provides a comparison of global compensation trends in 63 different countries, analyze country-specific economic environments and provide data on tax treaties, social security contributions and agreements.

c. Global Pay Summary (APAC)

Provide a quick reference guide for fast, informed decision making. This report presents annual base salary and annual total cash information for 50 benchmark positions. It supports HR professionals’ ability to benchmark across 11 job families.


d. Spotlight on Benefits

Provide an overview of key benefits practice and trends in the general market for each of 17 countries. Offers a high level overview of statutory benefits.

e. Worldwide Benefits Employment Guidelines (Asia)

Gain instant insight into HR-related legislation which covers 14 Asia Pacific countries. Each country report features statutory and social security benefits schemes as well as statutory requirements and general conditions of employment.


f. Cost-of-Living (COL) and Quality-of- Living (QOL) Reports

These reports provide full Cost-of-Living and/or Quality-of-Living information from Mercer’s database of more than 200 cities worldwide.

g. Cost-of-Living Index Calculator

Tailor your COL index calculations by adjusting the COL indices for exchange rates and inflation. Customize the index components and access the actual price list that supports the index.

h. Cost-of-Living Allowance (COLA) Calculator

Provides calculations on the Cost-of-Living Allowance between home/host locations. It calculates the actual COLA amount based on the employee’s base salary, family size, and spendable income portion of the gross salary.

i. Expatriate Accommodation Costs Calculator

Provides expatriate accommodation costs by area and by income level and number of bedrooms or size of family.

j. Quality-of-living Calculator

Allows you to determine the appropriate hardship allowance based on QOL differentials. By simply selecting categories and factors, it allows you to customize your QOL reports and access details of the scores used in calculating the index.

k. Travel cost per diem

Online access to travel cost per diem in major cities in the Asia Pacific region.

Members’ Privileged Pricing

Receive 10% off each of the items listed below.

Global Insights Publication

  • Global Car Policies
  • Global Mobility Handbook Volume 1 and 2
  • Global Pay Summary
  • Global Workforce metrics Trends by industry
  • Global Workforce metrics Trends Series
  • International Geographic Salary Differentials
  • Key Function Salaries around the World
  • Pay Differentials within Brazil, Russia, India and China
  • Short-term Incentives around the World
  • Survey of Workforce Readiness: When Disaster Strikes
  • Total Employment Costs around the World
  • Worldwide Benefits and Employment Guidelines

Global Mobility

  • Business Travel Cost Tables
  • Education Tables
  • Employee Mobility Guides (one annual update)
  • Executive Compensation Calculation up to Host Net Compensation (per calculation)
  • Expatriate Accommodation Tables by Income levels
  • Expatriate Average Accommodation Tables per area (as per COL report)
  • Personal Tax Report (annual update)
  • Short-term Allowance Table (one edition)

Benefits and Other items

  • Benefits Prevalence Report by Benefits category
  • China Monitor
  • Claims Analysis Review - Understand cost drivers and health risks
  • Doing Business in Myanmar HR Guide
  • Executive Summary - Singapore (All Industries/ Banking/ Chemical/ Consumer Goods/ Pharmaceutical)

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