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Compensation Overview

Need compensation data for Latin America, expatriate compensation survey information or other compensation data? Use Mercer’s comprehensive compensation surveys and market pricing resources to help your business.

  Surveys and Reports
An index of our compensation surveys and reports.

 Total Remuneration Survey
Provides one source for data on nearly 200 positions, in 19 countries in Latin America.

Mercer has a large number of global compensation tools to help you manage your business better. Compensation is vital to your business acquiring and keeping staff that will contribute to your success. Let Mercer’s comprehensive business solutions help you.

 Surveys and Products Around the World
View Mercer's offerings of surveys and products in all regions around the world.

  Market Pricing Resources
Learn how Mercer can help you with market pricing - from doing the work for you to an e-Learning Module that you can cover at your own pace.

ePRISM is Mercer's comprehensive compensation management and salary planning tool. It allows you to ensure that company compensation programs are aligned with business goals today and in the future.

Provides data to measure the competitiveness of your compensation package for key regional staff including executives, managerial, and professional jobs.

  International Position Evaluation System
Mercer’s IPE System allows for fast, precise, reliable and above all, consistent, measurement of positions.

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